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Seyii Tolof-Tolof Part 564 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages- ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


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Trial Judge
She previously granted bail to Sally on her lawyer’ plea;

Lawyer Abigail
“My client needs medical attention the sadist destroyed her womb in the process she does not know about it but her doctor Senghore told us.”

She heard them and rushed from the dock and went straight to Maama Debi and scolded her to almost choking;

Maama Debi
“Help! Help me from the murderess she wants to kill me as she has killed my son help me from her clutches!”

Trial Judge
“Barrister restrain your client or I’ll charge her contempt.”

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She shook Sally and scolded her;
“Comport yourself do you understand?”

“She is the devil incarnate she encouraged her sadist of a son to violate and insult me the duo have killed me.”

Trial Judge
“She is granted bail and can go back to her matrimonial home she equally has a right as her husband.”

Maama Debi
“I’ll block her she cannot enter my son’ house she has no child therefore no right over his house.”

Trial Judge
“Are you insane? Do you want me charge you with contempt of court? Officer get the key from her.”
The officer got the key from her and gave it to Sally who kept it.

“The key is with me but I’ll go with Penda I cannot sleep in that god forsaken house.’

Maama Debi
She raved and ranted as she cursed Sally and her associates.

Barrister Abigail
“Sally I beg you keep yourself together I swear by the Lord I serve that I’ll do everything to see you acquire justice but just be patient I’ll also find sponsor for you to get overseas treatment.”

She turned to Penda;
“Let us go home.”

“Let us go Baange is surely waiting for us.”

At Penda’ Home
Sally was given a sheroes welcomed by Baange and Aunty Bea’ Girls who sang songs for her;
“You are our heroine we salute you feel at home and taste our dishes.”

Aunty Penda was very surprised the Girls never discussed their plans with her;
“I am very impressed of your independence you know what to do and have done it bravo.” The duo hugged them one by one.
“Aunty Bea will be contented and smiling in her grave we too are very happy and pleased with you. Let us all proceed to the dining before the delicious food got cold.”

At the Dining
The Girls served their Aunties delicious food as they all took a minute silence to remember Aunty Bea’ grace and Uncle Bully to be granted freedom and Uncle Solomon be granted peace and forgiven  by God  also for Uncle Nyanga to come to his senses and live in peace.

“Thank you very much for welcoming me wholeheartedly I did not want violence but Solomon pushed me to the wall he gave me no space I was also an enabler Aunty Penda was the wisest of the trio she warned and educated us but we were just not listening to her wise counseling. But to make mistakes is not bad it was a learning process but is bad is to refuse to learn and keep on committing the same mistake. Learn from us elders and never repeat our grave mistakes; marry your friend and he should have the character the values of humanity let he becomes your friend. Thank you.”

Uncle Nyanga
He was now living in his house they both decided to go to court and have a quiet divorce as they both learn their lessons the court granted them quiet divorce according to their wish.

Prior to the Proceeding
Both of them have acquired maturity and became friends initiated by Penda who was more mature.

“I would never allow him malice me when I see him I’ll greet him to break the ice divorce does not mean enmity there was a time when it was nice.”

At the Restaurant
Penda and Sang
The duo went on a date and by coincidence they met Nyanga and his friend Fatima;
Penda went to their table and greeted them;
She extended her hand to both of them and exchanged pleasantries this gesture melted Nyanga who want to keep malice;

“How is my beautiful daughter Baagne? I missed her a lot. Just like her mom very frank and truthful.”

She frown and Penda left them quickly back to her seat where she left Sang.

He is displeased with Fatima and interjected;
“What was all that about? Do you know that lady Penda? She is my first love and was very frank to tell me it was my fault but I never took her seriously but now I realized her advice and counseling our daughter is just like her mother she tells you the truth no matter who you are; in the past I took it as challenging me but she was right; what about you? Don’t you leave me go astray? What you are interested in is material things what you can get from me no counseling at all. I need counseling to better my life and you cannot give me that; vanity! Vanity all the time! Let us go home I’ve lost my appetite I cannot see Penda see with another man especially Sang who is very similar to her.”
To be Cont.       

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