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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 559 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender-Based-Violence)


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The Girls
Through the Child Welfare Officer  the Girls sent a letter to the Court pleading for their father’ sentence to be reduced to enable them live with one parent again. The letter was read in court and the trial judge took cognizance when passing her sentence.
Bully was sentenced to 10 years subjected to parole on good behavior.
The Girls wept bitterly when the Judge read the sentence in court Bully hugged his girls and officially begged for their forgiveness;
“To err is human to forgive is divine God has shown me the way while in captivity now I can die peacefully that I have apologized to my lovely girls my wife would have forgiven me had she been alive.” He wept bitterly as he hugged his girls; Aunty Penda and Uncle Sang could not hold their pouring tears.

Aunty Penda
“The children told me you told them to give peace a chance by forgiving their dad they did it and I congratulate you for the gesture God willing your family will be united again.” Uncle Sang concurred.

Sally’ Prosecution
The Prosecution Team
It wants to castigate Sally as a perpetrator who deliberately killed her lovely husband who was trapped into a marriage which he loathed and wanted to get out of it but Sally insisted that he would never divorce her or he loses his life and she went on with the threat and made it a reality.

The Defence
it wanted the court to recognize a case of Gender-Base-Violence and its gruesome manifestations.

The Prosecution
It was headed by John Baptist Jarra described as Anti- Feminist by the Activists he described Sally as a Murderess obsessed with feminism;
“She murdered this kind hearted man and deprived him of his dear life; what was his crime?
Let me go I don’t love you again I want to marry a young lovely lady unlike you who will be fruitful and continue my lineage; is it too much to ask? Is it a crime to ask for a divorce? What was Sally’ response?
“Over my dead body! No divorce you just cannot use and dump me you’ll never live to see it!”
She meant it and has done it malice afore thought, cold blooded murder! Right to life; my client was deprived of his young productive life; we demand for justice let the law take its course Life Imprisonment. I’ll now call my first witness if the court permits me.”

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The Trial Judge
“Please Prosecution call your first witness.”

Barrister John
“I now call my First witness Arona a friend  to the decease. What are your names?”

“My names are John Baptist Jarra.”

“Where do you live?”

“I live at  Sinai in West Coast Region.”

‘What was your relationship with the decease?”

“He was my best friend and confidante.”

“Can you describe his personality?”

‘Saul as we fondly called him was an exceptional personality he loved his job as well as his family.”

“Which family please be specific?”

“His wife Sally he truly dotted on her.”

“Are you surprised when his wife called him nasty names?”  

Barrister Abigail
“Objection my lord it is a leading question.”

Trial Judge
“Objection overruled; Counsel go straight to the question don’t lead the witness.”

Barrister John
“That is all I have for this witness.”

Trial Judge
“Do you wish to cross examine the witness Defence?”

Barrister Abigail
‘Do you know your friend that much?”

“I know him very well.”

Barrister Abigail
“Lord with your permission can I show the witness a video of his friend in action?”

Counsel John
He objected;
“it is not necessary the Barrister is just wasting the Court’ time.”

Trial Judge
“Objection overruled the court want to see the video of his best husband.”

The Video
it showed the brutalization of the deceased towards his wife it was cruel and brutal the whole court wept and switched their sympathy towards Sally that was the effect Abi wanted she noticed that the witness was flabbergasted and knows that he was lying by describing Solomon as great and a sweet lover and husband.

Barrister Abigail
“After seeing the video do you still believe your friend was a sweet and loving husband?”

“I am taken aback by the video I do not know this dark side of his character.”

Barrister Abigail
“This shows you cannot vouch in tutu about his character.”

Counsel John
“Don’t answer her question.”

Trial Judge
“Answer her question and now!”

“Yes I was taken aback by this truth of his dark side I don’t know him very well.”

Barrister Abigail
She was delighted the Prosecution has failed in painting this sadist of a husband bright as they want the court to believe.
“Thank you Mr. Witness you can go now.”

Maama Debi
She was not happy with the witness who told the truth afterwards she went to Counsel John;
“I am not happy about how the case is going; are we going to win the case? I don’t want the murderess to be set free.

Counsel John
“Mom I never loss a case and certainly I’ll not loss this one keep on praying to the Lord with prayers everything is possible.”

Maama Debi
She went close to Sally and hissed;
“You’ll not live while my only child laid cold at the morgue I promise you that; don’t mind the grammar of that rogue of a lawyer.”
To be Cont.     

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