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Seyii Tolof- Tolof Part 556 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender –Based- Violence)


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Barrister Abigail
“Thank you very much Penda my next target is Dr.Senghore; Barrister Abi paid her a visit.
“I’ll discuss Sally’ physical condition with her that will help my case.”

Dr. Senghore’ Office
Barrister Abi
After exchanged pleasantries she asked;
“I want to discuss Sally with you.” She nodded her head;
“Go on.”

Barrister Abi
“I learnt from Penda Sally’ pal that you told her the results of her pregnancy test,”

Dr. Senghore
“Yes I did.”

Barrister Abi
“What was her result?”

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Dr. Senghore
“It was 4 weeks old foetus.”

Barrister Senghore
“What was the physical state of her private?”

Dr. Senghore
“There were visible scars all over visible to the microscope I discussed it with her and she told me unbelievable physical abuses she said her husband is a sadist who rapes her violently in every love making and enjoys it the most if he sees blood oozing from down there.
I warn her to speak out expose her husband and quit the marriage so when she conceived she gave in and was very excited as she told me;
‘Didn’t you see doc something good and pleasant has come out of the horrible experience for the first time I am going to be a mother after 11 years of marriage society would never again label me as barren a burden has been lifted from my soul. I need this baby, a baby is a baby who will know she/he is a product of violent rape.”
“Sally is a calm person she only became violent and murdered him when the sadist dashed her last hope; I’ll freely volunteer to be your witness in this sensitive case to contribute my quota to stamp out gender based violence.” Posited Doc.
   The duo shed emotional tears.
“Another sensitive revelation the sadist ruptured her womb in this violent attack which can make her barren for life but Sally has not been informed as yet she’ll be heart broken.”

Barrister Abi
“I’ll do my best our sister will go Scott-free and I’ll ensure she gets medical attention abroad.”
“My next witness will be Sally’ mother-in-law I have to pin her down as one of the enablers of gender based violence.”

Maama Debi
She refused any exchanged pleasantries and was very offensive and hostile Barrister recorded their conversation unknown to her.
“Yes! Why are you here? What do you want from me?”

Barrister Abi
“How did you access your son whom his wife referred to as a sadist and abuser that since their marriage 11 years ago he always rapes her in love making and you as a woman condoned and supported it.”

Maama Debi
She yelled at Barrister Abi who remained calm.
“Do you think I don’t know you, you too are a murderer that’ why you and Panka has bent to make your fellow murderess go Scott free but I promise you that will never happen I’ll use anything against you and don’t rule out black magic.”

Barrister Abi
“Are you threatening me?”

Maama Debi
“No it is not a threat but a promise; your witch of a friend made me childless my son wanted her to leave but she refused that’ why he employed rape even though horrible for her to leave she left him no choice.”

Barrister Abi
“What sort of woman are you, encouraging your son to rape a fellow woman is that not what is referred to as woman to woman violence?”

Maama Debi
“I don’t care I just want my son to be happy.”

Barrister Abi
“Are you not a wicked woman to encourage your son to molest another woman’ daughter? Your daughter in law should be your daughter especially when she is an orphan no parents adopted and trained by the orphanage? Sally is right to refer to you as a ‘witch’, wicked and diabolical and she is also right to refer to your son as a brute, a sadist who deserves death in order not to molest any woman for that matter again.”

Maama Debi
She became hysterical and in fact wanted to fight barrister Abi who left her calmly and walked away very happy that she has very good evidence to fight her case to free Sally.

Penda’ Home
She visited Penda at her new home she relocated so that Nyanga would not say she is still benefitting from him; her home is modern with state of the earth appliances and her family is very comfortable more than the previous home.
She said to her daughter;
“Education is empowerment my parents gave me the chance and spent fortune on me that God forsaken marriage render me useless in the name of marriage I agreed to be a stay away mom what did it give me? I yearn for crumbs and lost my soul, my empowerment. My daughter respect your education and never for any reason stop work for anything that’ why I am doing my part for you as my parents did for me.”

“I promise you mom I’ve learned it from our gender class and your practice has also empowered me you have made a fundamental mistake but later learnt from it. It is not bad to make mistakes but what is bad is not to learn from it and continue to repeat the same thing.”

She called her daughter to come and embrace her;
“Come here Saange come here and give your proud mom a hug.” She did exactly as she was told.
To be cont. 

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