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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 554 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender –Based –Violence)


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Aunty Debi
She is  Sally’ mother-in-law very critical of her; she visited her in cell;
“I overheard you conversing with the duo rebellious women of your category but God is my witness all of you will be shamed husbands are not equals how dare you corrupt the minds of the young, you devilish woman you made me childless by your wicked being but you’ll rot in jail I curse you as an orphan parentless child you are bad luck that’ why I reject you and never wanted my only son to marry you; he did everything to you to ask for divorce but you never did that’ why he employed the cruel tactic of rape for you to leave him for good; you stayed because you were afraid that only he can marry you and no other man and also what society will say about the marriage counselor who could not save her marriage; you are cursed and I’ll fight you any how don’t exclude black magic.”

She recorded Maama unknown to her, Sally just stared at her without saying a word, when Maama was done she hissed at her and spat on the ground then left, Sally was returned back to the cell. The station officer shook her head with disgust.

At second House
Uncle Sang came with the children who were sad to come to an empty house no warm sweet voice of mom then they yelled;
“Now it is dawn on us that mom is gone forever thanks to the bully and rogue of a father God make us forgive this man but we can never forget what he has done to us.”

Aunty Becky
He described Becky to the kids;
“I am very sorry to say your Aunty is the least pleasant she is not like me but our late father, mean, cruel and conceited she treats her husband as shit I loathe her attitude just be careful with her.”

The Girls
“We know our rights Aunty Becky will not be allowed to treat us as slaves in our inheritance we will handle her very well.”

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Aunty Becky
She hates the late Beatrice with passion she never pay a visit to her brother’ house until now; she called the girls and warned them;
“I am not your mother she trained you to be manner less and rude to elders that’ why your never respected your dad which led to his aggressiveness but be aware of me I am a bandit.”

The Girls
“Why do you insult our late mother she is a noble woman unlike women who marry boy-boy and treat them as shit? Our dad was the beast the only fault of our late mom was naivety but we are not, a parasite cannot occupy our space and torment us.”

Aunty Becky
“Rude girls no home training! Am I your mate?” She wanted to hit Harenge but Baange volley her hand down;
“What do you want to do, hit my precious sister? No way our mom has just been buried instead of empathizing with us you’ve come to oppress us, unacceptable if you attempt it both of us will beat you blue/black old fat hen just dare us!”

Aunty Becky
She got scared;
“Both of you gang to beat me up we shall see who go out from this house!”

The Girls
They jeered and mocked at her.

Uncle Nicky
He is the opposite of his wife kind and considerate he loves and dots on the girls always encouraging them to excel in order to live a worthy fruitful life.
“Don’t mind your crazy aunt she is a diva live your life the best without her negative influence. She loathes me but I’ll surprise her and the law of Khmer awaits her judgment.”

Aunty Becky
She found Uncle Nicky chatting with his nieces and she scolded him;
“Useless man! What are chattering about chatter box? Go and take the laundry for dry cleaning.”

The Girls
“Kettle calling coal black! Is that how you speak to Uncle Nick Aunty Becky? How can you give us sermon on good behavior?”

Aunty Becky
“Useless parasite I feed, clothe and house you what are doing for me as a husband? What do you have pauper?”

Uncle Nicky
“You are very ungrateful what have I not done for you? When I was employed we have joint account and you squandered all our money up till now you cannot render accounts to me. When I lost my job your attitude change and you start treating me as shit but I leave you with Khmer and nemesis.”

Aunty Becky
She wanted to hit her husband but the girls restrained her.
“I’ll leave this house.” She yelled.

The First House
Aunty Penda is now living alone with her daughter Saange and the duo have their space and doing very well.

He relocated to his new house he too has his space where he welcomes all types of women flirting, dining and drinking.
“No more fights no more squabbles.
“I have regained my life back I’ll take time to get a dummy and subservient lady to marry as lord and master.”

Reflection on Memory Lane
“Where did I go wrong?
 We started madly in love two love birds we experienced a brief courtship Penda a lovely lady she gave me everything and was everything I need in a woman we went to places and have fun then we got married; I scored and we got our lovely daughter Saange a miniature of her mom we dotted on her; Penda agreed that she will be a stay away mom to give the family her expertise in return I cater for her needs I have a lucrative job a manager of a large company.
   When did we start to experience some friction? The God forsaken lady Sally she corrupted her mind with Activism and Penda revolted and change everything she became physical and challenged me openly I experienced battering and I can no longer accept it My friend Bully broke with me I became a laughing stock of society. Now where am I going to pick up the loosen threads? But again I thank God to end in a divorce what about the tragic end of Bully and Solomon? I have to give the incidence a deep thought.”
To be Cont.  

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