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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 551 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender –Based- Violence)


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Shock and Disappointment
Blood was oozing from her private she got scared and screamed;
“What is happening to me I hope it is not what I feared the worst?” She put her finger into herself and took out lumps and lumps of clot blood.
“What is this sadist? What have you done to me? I waited for 11 years of marriage with no issue not even a derailed child society calls me all sorts of names I bore it because of my love for you; you raped me repeatedly in shame and disgrace I bore and hid it your mom beat me in front of you and I cannot hit back because of my core values I have from the convert and now this?.” She walked slowly towards the bathroom were Solomon was taking shower she saw the plate with peel orange and a knife the evil thought entered her mind;
“What am I living for?” She screamed and rushed to the beast she repeatedly stabbed him everywhere in his body with a loud scream he fell down in the pool of his blood.
“No one owns violence I waited for too long!”

The Aftermath
Aunty Debi (Devil Mom)
She heard the shrill deafening scream and rushed to the shower room what did she see? The spectra of his only son bathe in his own blood she screamed and fainted the house boy Amadou rushed to see what was happening there lay his master in his own blood and Maama fainted beside him.
“What a tragedy? I always posited that one day one of this couple will die it has happen to master but he was very cruel to madam who is a nice person what will happen now? It is a tragedy.”

He phoned the police who came in a jiffy whisked Sally in handcuffs and took her to the station. In the morning she was charged with first degree murder.
Meanwhile Maama was rushed to hospital for treatment.

The phone rang again it was Sang in agitation;
“Sang! What is it again? Another tragedy?”

“Yes it is Sally.”

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“Sally! Is she killed as well by his sadist husband?” She paused and sobbed bitterly.

“No! It is the other way round Sally killed her sadist husband.” Penda sighed.

“It is unfortunate either or is bad zero tolerance to violence where is she held?”

“She is at the police station in a maximum security cell awaiting trial at the soonest the police announced to the press.”

She hired a lawyer friend also an Activist to defend her only friend the duo headed to the station.

Alone with Sally
Lawyer Abigail asked the guard to allow them privacy;

Lawyer Abi
She turned to Sally and asked;
“Relax take a deep breath now pour it out from your chest I am here to defend you but tell me the truth, nothing but the truth, the truth shall make you free even if you go to jail God be with you now I am listening.”

She took a deep breath as advised and said;
“I arrived from work and passed by the clinic on my way home I met my doctor and she gave me my results with a smile;
‘this is your results read it before showing it to your hussy;’
I did as I was told very excited when I found I have taken in which clocks 4 weeks; I rushed home and gave my husband my results;
‘Read my results.’ I told him.
Unimpressed he said;
‘What is the big fuss why are you excited?’
‘Just read you’ll know.’ Reluctantly he read and said;
‘it is not a big deal on the hold it was ‘sakara’ bluff you enjoy the violence in sex.’
What do you mean?’ I asked.
He became rude;
‘I mean you enjoyed being rape let me give you more dose to become more pregnant.’ He teased but it was a shock for me I felt offended,
‘You boast of being a sadist for me I accepted my pregnancy I’ll not be referred to as a barren woman again and who cares a child is a child no matter the circumstances of the outcome I’ll accept my baby wholeheartedly after 11 years of marriage without an issue.”
Solomon dragged me unto our matrimonial bed and raped me violently to hurt and humiliate me I cried and asked him to stop;
‘Stop beast you are hurting me.’ He continued ;
‘You loved it don’t you see you got pregnant aren’t you a horse I’ll rape you and rape you again.’ It was so painful that I pushed him away to my dismay I bled profusely from my private as blood oozes freely I put my hand into myself and took out big lump of clot blood my worst fears were confirmed at that material time I realized I have lost my last hope my baby still I thought I can have something better from the horrible experience. Out of desperation I lost hope to live my only thought being revenge on this sadist who dash my hope and dam the consequences. He was at the bath shower singing and mocking at me as I go towards the bath I heard the shower drops and his songs I became irritated out of anger I saw the plate with the peel orange a knife beside it I grabbed the knife and headed towards the bathroom there was the demon singing and uttering hurtful words like ‘look at the horse jubilating for a product gotten from rape I cannot understand these women.’ I rushed at him repeatedly stabbed the beast to ensure he never torment any woman again and dam the consequences I did it and do not regret the action even if I die from it.”

Barrister Abi
“Okay you have been recorded see you in court.”
Penda hugged and gave her more courage.

Aunty De
She stood at a near distance and heard everything she became furious;
“You witch and devil incarnate you deliberately kill my son and make me childless I’ll see to it that you rot in jail for life.”
This was said in front of Barrister Abi and Penda and was recorded unknowing to her, the Police attendant took Sally back to her cell while the duo also left.
To be Cont. 

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