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Seyii Tolof – Tolof – Part 545 EPISODE 36 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Torohal Jiigeen’ Gender Based Violence)


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The Patriarchs
They visited Solomon Sally’ husband at his company office he welcomed them  after exchanged greetings they became blunt;

“We are suffering in our homes because of Sally.”

“Sally! Which Sally are you talking about?”

“Your very Sally your Counselor of a wife; she went into our marriages and instigate our wives against us we cannot talk to her therefore we’ve come to you advise her to desist if she continues we’ll not be soft a second time and don’t blame us if we become physical if you are weak to control your wife we’ll control her for you.”

“You heard him be warned a word of caution is heard by the wise!”

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“What’ wrong with this woman? She is being raped every night she did not help herself but has the gut to interfere in what does not concern her, I’ll teach her the lesson of her life from this incident she will never interfere in other peoples’ life.” He rushed home to confront Sally.

At Solomon’ Home
He found Sally cooking dinner at home, Aunty Di went to the village to attend a relative’ funeral he yelled her name when he arrived Sally answered from the kitchen.

“Come to the dinning .” He yelled.

“Why is he agitated? Something is seriously wrong he will bully me again.” She rushed to the Dining to answer to his call.

“Why are you shouting my name? What have I done again to warrant your agitation?”

“Stop counseling all together not even in my house.”

“Why? What time am I consuming? I am still doing my wifely duties! Why are you so mean with me? Am I not a human being not to talk about being your wife?”

“Some husbands came to report how your counseling activities have affected their families they threatened to be physical if they have cause to suspect you again desist and refrain from interfering into their family affairs I neither need an explanation nor an opinion from you or else I’ll give you a harsher punishment than rape I’ll mutilate your private part and go to jail for it.”

She was intimidated and she feared Solomon as a Sadist will go about with his threat.
“What am I going to do? How will I now relate with my friends?” She reflected.

Aunty Di
She came and Solomon narrated the incident and his reaction.
“That is my son and I trust you, you are now the macho of your house you are the head.”
She hugged and kissed her.

She hibernated herself and stopped visiting her friends she thought about society and her marriage;
“God is great I’ll survive let me serve him and behave as a house wife to keep my marriage and prayed to God to give me at least one child; I can understand Solomon’ position pressure from society and also his devilish mother; if I have a child both Maama and Saul will accept me even though my love making is rape what is important is let me just be pregnant and my woes will be over a rape product as well as a product of sweet romance is still a child who can differentiate the two? let me just have a child by my husband that’ all.” Sally is desperate she succumb to a slavish position just to satisfy society and her patriarch let us see whether she will succeed.

The Friends
They secretly met her at her house and chided her lowly decision;
The ladies waited until Aunty Di went out and they secretly entered Sally’ bed room and spoke softly.
“Why are you hibernating from us? You are digging your own grave by avoiding us we are all together in this mess we have to fight to create a niche for ourselves even though we are all women our commonality, we are also different on how we feel this exploitation and oppression we are also specific and at the same time divergent but let us unite and help each other fight patriarchy and deal it a fatal blow. Our husbands united met your sadist of a husband and threatened him he became scared and is exerting maximum pressure on you to separate us we understand your dilemma take your time and stay focus we will leave you resolve yourself in your own time but remember we are here for you and will help whether you seek for it good bye and good luck. Also in your decision figure out your survival if he died before you.”
The duo hugged her and the trio shed emotional tears abundantly then they bade her good bye and left.
She felt ashamed of her behavior;
“My Activist friends are very noble they do not blame me but patriarchy they are so understanding and have not judged me I am very grateful to them and they have open the window not close it.”
To be Cont.     

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