Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 52 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah
Ask for More
Lolly asked for more money and Ken protested all the more.
“Neneh led a simple life she was not extravagant, you asked for a lot of money, what have you done with the ones received earlier? Am I money a making machine?”Lolly
She exploded;
“Neneh has boy friends to augment what you gave her but for me I only depended on what you give me that’s why I want you set a business for me for sustainability then I’ll never bother you again. I am not fetish/diabolical. I am proud to be Lolly and not Neneh.
Let us go to the gynaecologist/obstetrician for my status, I want an issue for you.”
He is no longer keen to have an issue with Lolly; he gave it lip service.
“As for the request Allah’s time is the best we are both young and issues will come when they will come.”
“Don’t give me the impression that you don’t want to have an issue with me? If you do I’ll be very angry and crossed with you.”
Ken with Sailu
He visited Sailu to complain about Lolly.
“She has totally changed into another person since I married her; Neneh is far better than Lolly but for the charms, she is a snake under green grass. I have peace of mind with Neneh but not with Lolly, she is troubled every blessed day, is it that Allah does not want me to marry again? The great Sheikh told me Lolly is my wife but it does not follow.”
Lolly with the Conspirators
“I suspected Neneh has tied his hands as money is not coming hence forth.”
“Can she tie him just like we have done to our ‘vegetables’?”
“Please don’t just go there, what has our tying done to our ‘vegetables’? Are they useful to us or themselves? Complain! Complain! Complain! What next?”
“Let me think as strategists, we cannot tie where money is coming from? I’ll go straight and talk to Ken I know exactly what to tell him, when we get to the bridge we know exactly how to cross it.
At Home
Lolly wept bitterly and accused Neneh of using charms.
“Allah will strike her dead! I am asking for D150,000.00 only for the village mosque project, nothing more, nothing less.”
She is a friend to Neneh since Nursery School and know her very well, she travelled to the U.K on a Nursing study tour and has just come back to the village and visited her friend.
“It is not possible, Neneh! She could not hurt a fly I do not believe anything that they have said but Allah is one, you’ll be absolved sooner than later.”
She drew a cheque and donated handsomely for Neneh to set up a small sustainability business to keep body and soul together.
She thanked Vi and shed tears emotionally.
“I wanted to lose faith in humanity but that would have been very wrong, the ‘special aunties’ betrayed me but here you are my childhood friend and you have not forsaken me and I am definitely sure if you were around I would not have screwed up I can dodge Mama and Seng but not you who would not take no as an answer, thank you my bosom sister from another mom. I’ll put it into very good use and would not disappoint you, Insha Allah!”
“Don’t exclude Allah and good counselling. I’ll take you to a good counsellor and a Man of God who can help you get organize.
Sheikh Hassan
He is humble, God fearing and a People’s Sheikh; he sent agents around to collect information on people. Through such a channel he got much information about Ken and his associates. So when Neneh came with Vi he gave her the information and she was very surprised.
“Ken has married a woman Lolly who was presented to him by your so called aunties, but Allah is great. Sooner than later the truth will surface and Satan will be shamed. You are innocent of all the accusations levied against you it was a conspiracy hatched out by your ‘special aunties’.
Taken to Prayers
Neneh has taken to prayers together with Mossan, giving alms to the poor, doing philanthropic work in the village, her business thrived and she said she has forgiven her distracters. It healed her and she became a free, positive person.
He became very sick and Lolly abandons him she is consumed into herself, beauty, self-centred and vanity. Ken called Sailu to come and help him; he came and witnessed a drama.
“You are very sick and drained, are you eating the right type of food? How is your wife? Is she taking good care of you? Neneh was excellent in taking care of you until the unfortunate incident.”
“You have seen for yourself, seeing is believing. She is the complete opposite of Neneh, I did not hide it from her, I tell her this daily and that is the fact.”
She heard Sailu’s remark and was furious.
“This is the sort of friend who spoils and breaks homes but I’ll deal with him, his case is for another day,” she soliloquized.
She dressed up and said;
“Sweet heart! I am off to shopping, Mam’s Boutique has brought in new assignment and I want to be the first babe to wear some designer’s stuff. I’ll be back in a jiffy. But you should beware of friends who tell you ‘if I were you! What they endure at their homes is worse for stupid you to break your home; don’t say I did not warn you.” She frowns at Sailu who ignored her pettiness.
“What about my medicine? Who will give it to me?”
“Your medicine is on the shelf at the dining, you can walk up to there and take it. You don’t have to be sedentary, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” She kissed his forehead and left.
To be Cont.

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