Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 51 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah
Back to Ken
Neneh went to Ken to seek for assistance to cure Burang. He was furious when she saw Neneh; he called the security and gave him a nasty slap.
“How dare you let this rogue into my compound to come right in front of my door?  How dare you? Haven’t I warned you before?” He roared like an injured lion.
“Never come to my house again, if not I’ll commit murder and be imprisoned for it.”
Back to Sailu
From Ken she rushed to Sailu and met him outside about to enter his car.
“What are you doing in my home? Do you want your estranged husband to accuse me of conspiracy? I have nothing to do with you as long as you are not married to my bosom friend.”
“It is not about me but my son, he is critically ill at the village health centre diagnosed with malaria but I cannot afford the drug to cure him. I went to Ken and before he heard my case he sent me away; my son is dying, can you help me buy drugs for him for old times sake.”
“Look at your pitiable self! When you were frivolous you refused to heed good counselling; where are your ‘noble aunties’? The stubborn fly it is said follows the corpse to the grave; I could have ignored you but for you poor son who is a victim of his mother’s follies.”He dipped into his pocket and took out D300 and gave it to her.
“Get out of my compound now before your crazy husband sees you or is informed you came to my house.”
She thanked him and left in a jiffy.
At Mam’s Boutique
Neneh went to Mam and found her counting money ready to be saved into her business account.
“Thank God! I’ve come for assistance to cure my sick son even if it means lending me money to be paid later; I do some odd jobs in the village such as working as house help for a village elite and roasting corn and selling boiled groundnuts in the evening.”
“These packages you see here are meant for savings, this is the life blood of my business, I single handedly take care of my family, my ‘vegetable husband’ takes a secondary role. I don’t play with my livelihood; as for you, you were a parasite to Ken didn’t you see what has happened when he threw you out? You refused our advice when we said you have to be self- reliant and never depend on a rich husband; none of our husbands can do what Ken did to you with impunity; also I am amazed that you have no savings and you were acting ‘mother Xmas’ throwing away dalasi, dollars, euros and sterling at your ceremonies or dashing them easily to friends and well wishers. Learn a bitter lesson that it is ‘rewi jenn’ (fish country), every person pulling his/her own boots’ trap. I have nothing for you my ‘nice niece’ till another day when you are lucky to have anything from me; as you see I am off to the bank, I don’t trust anyone with my savings, not even my only son.
You are now in the village try to be self reliant, you can ask Mama to sell some land and help you set up a small village/town business for self-reliance. Is that asking for too much?
As for me I travel a lot now a days and I need a lot of foreign exchange which is very difficult to get due to the bad economy.”
She broke out and told her off.
“You are an ingrate; Mama warned me about you people but I would not take heed; look at me now, I have suffered all sorts of humiliation and mockery from people whom I helped booster up their businesses; those I gave more forsake me and those I gave crumbs share the little they have with me.” She left with a heavy heart.
She threw some sarcastic remarks;
“Whatever, I’ve said my own oh! She threw raw cash stupid, naïve woman! What was she thinking about? That I’ll give her some money? Naïve fool!”
She continued to siphon money into a hidden account unbeknown to Ken but for how long will it remain a secret is anybody’s guess.
She passed by the drug store and bought some malaria medicine for his son and rushed to the health centre.
She came and found his bed empty and she asked the nurse in charge.
“Where is my son? I went to raise money to buy drugs for him.” She took her to her senior.
Senior Nurse Jobe
She told her parables and she refused to comprehend.
“Allah gives and takes, you are young and can still conceive; Burang is gone.”
“Gone where? Has Mama come for him? Is he well now?”
Sen Jobe
“He is dead, dead and is taken to the mortuary house.” Neneh collapsed and First Aid administered on her and when she awoke she was taken home.
She was shocked when she saw Neneh with a swollen face accompanied by two nurses, male and female, in the village ambulance;
“Where is my grandson?” She repeated her question; Neneh screamed and fainted again. Mama screamed and the compound became full with sympathizers. A neighbour rang Sengan and he came home running.
The villagers gave them 100 percent support and mourned with them.
“Don’t cook any food, we will bring food from various households and share with our neighbours, friends and relatives who have come from afar,” Yaa Diborr posited.
Yaa Jambal organised the mourners and brought in chairs from the compounds.
She has now shown her true colour very extravagant and materialistic. Ken has to protest.
“You are extravagant and selfish, Neneh was not this wasteful and was always contented with whatever I gave her. In fact she was very helpful to the less privileged and even her middle class friends. But look at you ego, ego, ego, I was deceived and misled but I regretted ever getting into this relationship.”
She exploded.
“I regretted ever marrying you as well, you are now stingy and mean and I do not like you comparing me with you devilish wife, that local champion ever again!” She protested.
To be Cont.