Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 47 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Neneh She has already given up on Ken and has now decided to do something for herself. She came to Aunty Dor to see whether she can loan her some money for petty trading which she will pay back after her first sale.   “One good turn deserves another. I used to help augment their businesses when I was in the position,” she soliloquised. “I have given up on Ken, she is not the only guy and I am not the only babe around, I’ve come for another purpose. Can you loan me some money, anything you have for me to start a petty trade to take care of my needs at the village, things are very tough for me and Mama has decided never to give me a butut for anything other than feeding from family pot.” Dor She frowns and said; “Ayaa! I would have loved to but all the money I have is going back into my business.” Suddenly a call comes in. “That was my big customer that called she sells me saloon stuff I am going to buy from her just now if that was not the case I would have definitely helped you because you always do help when you were in a position.” Neneh She is disappointed but asked; “Can you help me with fares to the village I begged for lift to come to the city.” Dor “I am sorry I have no liquid cash on me. But I am surprised, have you not saved any money, when you were throwing cash around any how? But that is very serious and short sighted. I am very sorry that I am unable to help you my little niece.” Neneh shook her head and left in disappointment. At Ken’s House Lolly started to get nightmares and screaming at the top of her voice as Ken came running to her room next to the kids. Ken “Are you okay? I heard you screaming at your voice top.” Lolly “I experienced dangerous signs in your entire house, I have bad dreams, but when I am awake I can’t remember them, I think you should invite my Seringe to come with his disciples and pray for you, he is a great man who will take care of the situation. I think there are more charms in the house.” Ken He became nervous.Neneh has wrecked my life; what have I done to that woman?” He lamented. As they sat chatting a man walked to them and asked after Neneh. Mahtarr    “I am a ‘semester’ who befriended Neneh well before she became married. Whenever I visit home she would visit my hotel and tell me how useless her husband is and moreover that he is impotent, I serviced and fathered her two children. She has to pay me money or give me back my children. That is the agreement.” Ken He is furious as he chased the intruder away. Seringe    He came and exorcized the whole building in and outside. He took out a lot of charms from many unusual places which frightened, infuriated and estranged Ken all the more. The Children They came and rushed to daddy and for the first time of his life he doubted his parentage as he thoroughly examined them to the surprise of Moosan and Burang. He rudely pushed them away and the kids were embarrassed. Dor and Lolly The duo were present and very displeased. “They are kids who should be protected and should not suffer the sins of Neneh, please be gentle with them,” Dor and Lolly pleaded. Ken “I’ve already taken my decision,” he said as he bundled them into his car with their luggage and drove away. At the Village Ken brought the kids back to the village and found Neneh picking rice, both Mama and Sengan were also at home.Here are your bastard kids, they are not mine, your ‘semester’ boy friend came for his money or his children, contact him and give what is his, I am out of here, out of your life and I curse the day I met and married you.” He threw out the children as well as their luggage. Neneh She is shattered and held the car door; “I’ve known that I’ve wronged you but have you to go this far? Allah knows they are your children; let us go for paternity test. Who is deceiving you to estrange your family? Your children are innocent and should not bear my cross; don’t let them suffer for nothing.” He slapped, pushed her and drove away. Mama “What s happening to you Neneh? Do you see your life? Who am I to believe when you go out with aunties of questionable character? They introduce you to ‘juju’ and diabolism; it is only God who can absolve you, time will tell.” Sengan “Look at your despicable condition. When your family have your interest and advise you, you scorn, belittle and gossip them with your ‘friends’, where are your ‘aunties’ now? I am speculating but they might be the ones tricking your naïve husband. Now everything is in Allah’s hands, only he can absolve you just as Mama said time will tell.” The Children Burang and Moosan surprised everyone; they did not cry but consoled their mother. “Dad is being deceived by the devil but Allah will see us through.” Their words of wisdom surprised and inspired the elders who shed emotional tears. Neneh “Thank you my kids surely Allah will see us through.” Mama and Sengan shed emotional tears; the kids held their mother’s hand and gave her courage. “We will study hard and become great people who will wipe your tears,” they posited. The Conspirators They are very happy that they have skillfully driven the kids out of the way. Now the operation ground became wider and smoother. Dor She enquired from Lolly and learnt that Ken is now very vulnerable and dependent on her. Lolly “Aunty Dor now is the right time to strike he is very dependent on me and is becoming very affectionate.” Dor “I’ll ascertain for my self I don’t want to make any mistake my lovely niece.” Ken He visited Sailu and discussed Lolly with him. “She is an angel compared to Neneh, prayerful and has drawn me closer to Allah, I think she will make a good wife.” Sailu He is not convinced as he thinks Lolly is a deceit out to impress his naïve friend. “Take it easy upon yourself especially after Neneh’s experience, give yourself more time and observe her all the more in order not to be caught unaware; who would have thought the ‘innocent, naïve’ Neneh would have gone juju and diabolical? A word of caution is good for the wise.” To be Cont]]>