Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 46 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Dor She took Lolly to Ken and presented her to him. “This is the nanny I’ve brought for you; she is an innocent girl of peasant origin and is very pious and should be able to perform the task she is hired to do, that is, to take care of your household.” Lolly stooped down in humility to greet her new boss. Ken “She is a lovely lady, very respectful and my spirit accepts her in toto and she can start immediately and I’ll pay her a salary of D5,000.00 and if she proves herself I’ll reward her handsomely.” Dor “D5,000. 00 considering low salary in Gambia is a good start and pending her performance an increment is assured. A good deal accepted.” Lolly She accepted the job on the recommendation of Aunty Dor and also praised Ken for the kind offer. “To whom much is given much is expected, I’ll do my best and will not be found wanting.” She started right away. She started a new life of strict prayers. She woke up the children at dawn and asked them to take ablution and pray which greatly impressed Ken. Ken “Aunty Dor is right, my ex-wife never bothered to ask the children observe their five daily prayers. She herself was irregular, she woke up late and sometimes avoided prayers on the pretext that she was very tired. But I’ve seen the difference in you, you not only observe yours but have inspired all of us to become religious and join ‘dara’. Thank you for bringing us closer to God.” Lolly “Thank you for the compliment but more has to be done. I’ll take you to my ‘Seringe’ for more blessings through strict prayers.” Ken “I am ready and very grateful.” Dor She came to see the state of affairs of Ken’s household. “How is my niece faring, I hope she has not disappointed us?” Ken “I am very grateful; she is perfect and has brought us closer to God. I’ll increase her basic salary and make it D6,000.00 with fringe benefits.” Dor “Ken you are a gentle man who has never betrayed me and I have full confidence in you.” Ken drew a cheque of D10,000. 00 for her and she praised her all the more. She went back to the aunties, showed them the cheque and they shared it 50-50. Mam “Don’t you think Lolly should seduce Ken so that she can gain more and our ration would then be increased?” Dor “No! It is too early let her work more to gain his confidence then I can introduce it to him professionally; don’t you think so?” Mam “I think it is time I for one is tired of sharing pittance and I am out for a big catch I don’t know about you.” Mengeh “I agree with Dor, she knows Ken better than us let us take it easy on him before he discovers us, patience it is said bear the greatest fruit.” The aunties proceeded to Ken’s house. At Ken’s House He went to work and the kids went to school but Lolly was at home. She welcomed and entertained them. Dor “Bring in more food and drink we are famished,” she did as instructed. The Advice “How is Ken, is he still ‘a good man’?”Dor asked. Lolly “He is God sent, very generous and kind and I thank Allah for making me work for him. Can I seduce him?” Dor “No! Take it easy ‘ndanka- nadanka japa golo’ (small- small catch the monkey). Slow and steady don’t rush him I’ll signal when it is time.” Neneh At the Village Sengan He is expelled from the hostel as he left the universityhe came back to the village and cursed Neneh. “Look at what you have done to me, your selfishness has plunged our family back into poverty and misery. But I’ll never give up because there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my dream of university education. When there is a will there is a way.” He consoled himself. Neneh She cannot do crude farming without modern tools and has never done it in her life, the family resides in the urban area even though of peasant origin and their father educated them to become elites; what business was she to do without capital? She decided to go to the aunties to ask for a loan to do small business then later repay the loan. “If help with a small loan I can start to fry hot coos pancakes and sell it at the village school.” She visited the city by begging for a lift. But before going she called them through Mama’s phone behind her back but could not get any of the aunties. “All the same I’ll just risk it because it is better trying than to stay rot at this dry village and die with hunger.” At the Saloon She found Aunty Dor outside on her phone and she decided to prolong her discussion just to discourage Neneh but with no choice she has to wait for her. “I have to come immediately to collect saloon materials, okay I am on my way,” she said aloud to show Neneh that she is a very busy woman who has no time for idle talk. “You heard me I am on my way out to get saloon materials from a big customer before she leaves. If it is Ken’s business forget about it, we almost fought the last time I went to beg on your behalf, as a no-nonsense woman don’t let us collide as he has asked me to mind my business and save my stupid life which almost get us into blows and that would have been trespass had he sued me.” Neneh “I’ll surprise you, I have lived on, Ken is not the only man and I am not the only woman on earth. I want to make good use of myself, I am young and active. I want to go into small business to take care of my needs at the village.” Dor “Now you are talking, how do you want to go about it? To be cont.]]>

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