Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 44 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Dor She paid Ken a visit to sympathise with him as she adds more fuel to the fire. “You don’t know waist usage until you want to sit and you cannot. Neneh took you for granted but she is now suffering the consequences. I used to advise her all the time but she never took heed as she would bluff that she tied you around her waist I never believed her bluff on the hold she was using charm. But the wind has finally blown up the hen’s backside, all that glitters is not gold. Neneh visited me but I sent her away and told her never to show up again.” Ken appreciated her intervention as he took her to the room where some of the charms were hidden. Ken “I thought she has taken all her charms but on the hold some were still hidden in this room. Who knows, there might be some hidden in other places. Do you know of some powerful man of God who can come and exorcise the whole building?” Dor thought hard and said I know a strong woman who can do it for you; people from the sub region do come to her for help. She is a ‘sheriff’. “You are a rich man, very kind and humble and such men as you are scarce to get as a husband; just take it easy I’ll also pray for you.” Ken is very appreciative as he dipped into his purse and gave her some new hundred dalasi notes to use as taxi fare. At the Village Uncle Benjie visited his sister and found Neneh crying and asked what the matter was. Mama Ndungu explained. Mama Ndungu “This naïve fool of a daughter has broken her bliss home and came back to the village to struggle with me in my hut but I’ll not take it; she had other ‘aunties’ beside me, they used to advise her and she scorned her brother and me. Now look at her let her explain why she was thrown out of her matrimonial home as the words are too heavy for me to utter.” Neneh Through heavy sobs she explained. “Ken threw me out of my matrimonial home, accusing me of using charms on him.” Uncle Benjie He is a lawyer through further cross examination the truth came out. “Did you do it?” Through stammering it came out. Neneh “The ‘aunties’ tricked me and took me to Baaba. I resisted taking any charm but I was convinced in the end that it is not a concoction but only a pot of charm which cannot harm my husband, especially by putting it under his bed only for a day and that he was not to set an eye on it because if he does he’ll hate me for life. I did it and out of the blue Ken discovered it and here I am. I am very sorry, uncle please beg Ken for me. I regretted doing this to him.” Uncle Benjie He is very crossed with his niece as he alerted Mama;    “Come and listen to your daughter; she did it she is guilty as guilt itself.” Mama Ndungu She is very angry and impulsively hit Neneh. “Have I ever taken you to any Baaba since you were born? Why did you allow them to take you to diabolism? Now you are done for as Ken would never trust you again. Neneh what have I done to you to treat me as such? I have nothing to do with you, carry your cross and learn from your follies, God knows I’ve tried very hard for you not to fall into this trap that your wise ‘aunties’ had dug for you since you meet them.” Sengan He came into the conversation and fell into tantrums. “Uncle Benjie just look at me suffering due to my sister’s folly, in my last year of university education who will pay for me to complete? Ken was responsible and as it looks he will not do it again as he rejects my sister.” Uncle Benjie is ashamed but pretended to be concerned. Uncle Benjie “We have to take it easy with Neneh, what is done has already been done. I’ll go to the city and try to beg our in law to forgive his wife or at least finish the good job he has started to help Seng finished his university course.” Dor She brought in the ‘sheriff’ who helped exorcise Ken’s home as she brought out more charms from the rooms as he is frightened to death. Ken “This woman was never a wife on the hold she was killing me ‘softly’. I curse the day I met and married Neneh; after everything I’ve done for this wretched woman and her family?” Dor “Just take it easy, the house chores are weighing heavily on you. By now you should have a nanny for the kids and also to house keep for you. I’ll talk to my sisters to see how we can get you a good girl to fit that category.” Ken “Can you do that for me? I have already accepted my fate; that is very kind of you aunty. I do appreciate all your concern for my family.” “It is my greatest pleasure and I am very sorry for what Neneh did to you.” “Aunty with all due respect don’t mention that heartless woman in my house again.” Uncle Benjie He visited Ken at his office and empathized with him. “I am very sorry for what Neneh did; she did not find ‘juju’, diabolism in our family both maternal, paternal, but she was deceived by those hags she called her ‘aunties’ they took her to Baaba and ‘juju’, please forgive her and take her back to care for her children.” Ken He got up and raised his voice against his in-law whom he respected in the past. “I beg your pardon, never say such derogatory words against those ‘honourable aunties’, they meant well as they always give her good advice but to no avail. She went herself to visit Baaba but my good heart through revelation shoed me the ‘juju’ which has nothing to do with the ‘good aunties’. I know she told you a lot of lies to absolve herself but it is too late. I can never accept Neneh into my house again, and in fact I have also divorced her family I am afraid of them, excuse me I am very busy.” To be Cont.]]>