Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 43 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Ken He invited Neneh’s brother Sengan and explained everything to him. “I hold nothing against you but I cannot trust your family. Neneh betrayed me therefore I can never entrust my life to her family as of now! Go back to your mother and good bye; I am done with all of you.” Sengan He stooped and begged Ken; “Please don’t forsake me. We know nothing of Neneh’s tricks. Both mama and I tried to talk sense into her but she still messed herself up conniving with those old hogs she referred to as her ‘aunties’, but should we suffer because we are related to her by accident of nature?” Ken “Get up and give me time to sort myself up then I’ll get back to you.” Remorsefully Sengan got up and returned to the village as he cursed Neneh’s diabolism. Ken is now afraid of his house. Neneh She woke up to a rude shock as she sat at her door step. “What have I done to myself? I’ve been betrayed! But who should have alerted Ken? The ‘aunties’? No! But who could it be? We were the only ones who knew about it; I am done, I am finished!” She lamented bitterly. Ken is furious and devastated; he came out and ordered her out of his house, his life forever. Ken “Neneh! Get in pack your things and leave my house, my life now and forever and don’t forget to carry along your ‘charms’! I curse you Neneh and everything about you.” He spat at the floor. Neneh held his leg but he kicked her and shut his door after him. At the Village Neneh came in a cab and she rushed out, and as the driver took out her luggage and asked for his money she opened her purse and counted the notes and gave it to him. Taxi Driver “It is less money and not what I charged you.” “Please take it and help a woman in distress. The taxi man sulked and decided to take a packet of foodstuff. “I’ll take it to my large family to have something to eat, nothing is for free nowadays and I made little money today due to this trip.” He went away with it as Mama and Sengan wept bitterly; the duo is devastated. Mama Ndungu “You are stupid and insensitive to the family, ‘Allah claps for us when you married Ken and you refuse to dance while we dance. Now you are thrown out of your matrimonial home and you’ve come back to struggle with us here in the village. How does it look now, can you recollect when your family was advising you to beware of those hogs you call your favourite ‘aunties’? Who has shown you ‘juju’? Did I ever take you to medicine man since I gave birth to you? They act as ‘chagas’ (comfort workers) who owe no allegiance or obedience to any body except ‘money, money, money!). Now your favourite ‘aunties’ have doomed your future so be it, you better go to them to undo what they have done to you. Now that you have thrown sand into my rice and sauce, leave me with Allah my friend, lord and saviour.” She went into her room. Sengan He had an outburst. “Mom! What about my university education? Who will sponsor me now that Ken has disowned me because of Neneh’s diabolical act; Ken did not mince his words, he told me he cannot trust our family again because of Neneh’s betrayal. Neneh! What have we done to you to treat us so cruelly? I for one will never forgive you here and hereafter.” Sengan walked out. Neneh’s Troubles Start The Trio They assembled at Mam’s Boutique and celebrated their success. They drank champagne and sang songs of victory. “My husband this! My husband that! Is she the only married woman in town? By now she must be in her home village weeping as a baby asking mama to cuddle her, nonsense!” Mam snapped. “This is more than I have anticipated, Neneh just gone like that?” Dor posited. “Am I not the master planner?” Mengeh boasted. They are excited beyond imagination as they congratulated each other for the success of the conspiracy. Neneh She paid Dor a visit in the city.    She arrived deeply morose, tattered and torn and shabbily dressed. Dor She found her at the veranda of her saloon but she decided to usher her into the dressing room which is exclusively private. “You are welcome my daughter; where are you from so shabbily dressed?” Neneh “Aunty! I just cannot understand how Ken was alerted, this is a great mystery to me? Someone must have seen us enter Baaba’s shrine. Has anyone of you told any trusted one about the mission?” Dor felt insulted and stood up. “Are you insulting our integrity? Have we ever betrayed your trust? Ken has now seen us especially me who made the connection as arch enemy who destroyed his home and corrupted his wife, please I have tolerated you too much. You have to leave now before someone sees us and report me to Ken. I’ll pray for you.” As she left she mocked at her. Sailu’s House Neneh visited Sailu to plead to him to intervene. “Neneh this cannot be you, did you remember how you embarrassed me when I tried to talk sense into you when you started your madness? Didn’t you ask me to mind my business? That is what I am just doing, get out of my abode and go to your ‘intelligent aunties’ who have ever ruled your life, go away before Ken finds you here and think I am part of the conspiracy.” He shut his door at her. “Hear me out, I am very sorry and did not know what I was doing.” The Conspirators Dor came to give report. “Neneh came, she is in a mess, shattered and torn! Who is she to mock at our plight and bluffing her bliss, my husband this! My husband that! My husband my foot! We have to plan how to assault Ken and subdue him to enrich our coffers before sucking him dry and dumping him,” Dor posited. To be Cont.]]>