Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 40 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Aunty Mengeh She inflamed the story to enrage Neneh all the more and before she rushed home to attack her husband she has already eaten the bait hook, line and sinker.   “From the bank I followed the lovers in a taxi and saw them enter a hotel and stayed there for an hour.” She added the hottest spice to her story. Neneh went home enraged and furious. At Home Neneh refused to do anything for her husband who continued to buy packed lunch from takeaways for his family and she refused to eat from it. Ken ignored her and goes about his business. In Bed She sat him down and asked Ken pertinent questions. “Who were you with yesterday?” Ken “Yesterday I was with many people at different times of the day; why do you ask?” Neneh “I saw you with a dazzling damsel wearing trousers and a designer’s blouse light green colour, who is she?” Ken He laughed heartily and answered her question. “Oh! She is Moosan, my personal secretary who deputized for our accountant who is on confinement leave. Why do you ask?” Neneh She hesitated then asked; “Are you cheating on me?” Ken is very angry, he just kept quiet in order not to go physical. Neneh went into tantrums and Ken completely ignored her and she refused to sleep on the same bed and instead spent the night at the guest room. At the Village Ken reported Neneh to Mama and she summoned and cautioned her. Mama Ndungu “You are playing with fire and you are being deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing; they want your husband either for themselves or for their kit or kin, be warned a good word is enough for the wise, I’ve said my own and don’t say I did not advise you.” Neneh “I’ve heard you.” She then left. With the ‘Aunty Friends’ She narrated her experience to them and they discouraged her from listening to Mama. “Leave the old lady and stop putting sand into her ‘chere’, just follow our advice and your husband will come back to you,” the trio advised. Njooba She came and joined the quartet and started narrating her experience. “Men are not to be trusted, Ensa my husband has a joint account with me and when I went to withdraw all the money was gone, the cashier told me my husband withdrew the money and the next time I heard of him was that he was in Libya awaiting a boat to Italy and later into Europe proper. I have to start afresh,” she explained. Neneh She listened attentively as the ‘aunties’ nod their head. Dor “You heard her, have we put words into her mouth? Shine your eyes well, well and smell the coffee before it is burnt.” Neneh asked her more questions and she confused her all the more to distrust her husband and moves more towards the ‘aunties’ for solution. Moosan “I’ve asked him to divorce me but he would not hear of it, I now found my own solution.” Neneh “What is your solution?” Moosan She pointed towards the right direction and Neneh saw a well dressed youngster signaling the woman to join his company as he coyly smiled at Neneh who quickly turned her eyes away from him. The ‘Aunties’ They eye talked each other, smiled being amused by the drama. Neneh She commented when the lady left. “Flirting is not an option I’ll never play bond; it is dangerous; STDs including HIV/Aids and all that, no way! There must be a better solution.” The “Aunties’ “Certainly no one is asking you to play bond but if you are ready we will take you some where who can help you.” Neneh “I don’t think you’ll take me to ‘juju’? I don’t subscribe to it. I believe in charity and praying for deliverance.” The ‘Aunties’ “That is what we believe in, he is a ‘man of God’ who will ‘listaharr’ for you and will tell you your problems and possible solutions. Are you interested? Or we can go with you and you observe if he sees and talks about your problem then you can trust and let him help you.” Neneh She found it palatable and agreed. She planned her trip there and then and thought of how she can travel without Ken knowing about it. But Baaba has travelled to the sub region and the ‘aunties’ asked her to be more patient until he returns and she will be informed. Ensa He is worried about Neneh’s frivolities as he complained to his mother. “She wants to spoil my chance at the university, please put sense into her, Ken is God sent let her not spoil chance for our family, those foolish women she calls her ‘aunties’ are deceiving her,” Ensa lamented. Mama Ndungu “I have already spoken sense into her and she has got it, let us pray for Allah’s guidance into her life and ours, the devil is a liar and is out there to deceive and lead astray the faithless.” Ken He visited Sisy Dor and explained to her their problems. “I do not invite outside people into our family problems I came to you because Neneh believes in you whom she calls ‘aunties’ especially you Sisy Dor who introduced her to the others; please talk sense into her as she is driving me to naught; she transformed overnight and is now something else. I reported her several times to Mama but to no avail. Please do something.” He drew a cheque for D5,000 and gave it to her. Dor She pretended; “But you should not do this, am I not ‘aunties’ to both of you? I’ll do something about it with or without your money. I am a special ‘family friend’. I‘ll talk sense into Neneh, she should know that she is among the privileged few to have a husband so caring and loving like you; in fact you uplifted her poor underprivileged family to middle class status, sponsoring her younger sibling’s university education, what else does Neneh want? Our people say you don’t value your backside until you lose it when you want to sit, the cow does not value its tail until it loses it! Neneh has to be cautioned before she loses you to the dazzling babes. I’ll talk to her and give you feedback.” Ken thanked her and left. To be Cont.]]>

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