Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 39 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Negative Reaction Neneh changed overnight and neglected her marital duties just to provoke her husband who decided to stay out just to avoid unnecessary nagging and quarrel. “Teach me how to fish. I am very tired of being given fish all the time,” She protested. Ken He invited his best friend Taa and complained about Neneh’s misbehaviour, tantrums and nagging. “I cannot just understand this was the woman I married ten years ago; what has become of her? I am very certain it is those old hogs she called her friends who are deceiving her; both mama and myself have warned her to stop seeing them but to no avail; what am I going to do?” Taanor “But looking at the bright side of things it is not bad to make her economically independent. Afterwards, everything comes back to you.” Ken “I have agreed with the principle but she would not give me time to plan for it, it is about raising money which cannot be done overnight.” Taanor    “You are right, take your time and ignore her tantrums. I’ll talk sense into her.” Ken “You better do she is choking me to death and is trying my patience.” Taanor He invited Neneh to his office and talked sense into her but she took it negatively. “Can the king do any wrong? Birds of the same feathers flock together.” Neneh barked. “That’s what you have to say? Okay, we will meet again and I’ll remain you your own words.” Neneh hissed and left Taa’s office. Ken He went out with his financial secretary Aisha to do some financial transactions. As they came out from the bank Aunty Mengeh saw them enter the car and she shook her head and took note of everything she has seen. Aunty Mengeh “This is the best opportunity to strike at this stupid girl and her bluff, ‘my husband this! My husband that! Is she the only woman with a husband? My husband my shit!” She rushed to report to the duo. The Duo They met at the ‘Bird’s Nest’ to meet their ‘boohusporsh’ (lovers) as they waited for their dates, Aunty Mengeh rushed in to give them the hot news. Aunty Mengeh    She came in with excitement which made the duo edgy. “What is this? Why are you this excited? Have you won a jackpot?” “More than a jackpot, Neneh’s coffin can now be finally sealed.” “How?” “I saw the ‘wonderful hussy’ coming out from the bank with a dazzling damsel and I took a shot of them from my Ipad as evidence if he tries to deny it.” “No! It’s a lie! Are you serious?” “More than serious, is seeing not believing?” She gave them her Ipad and they confirmed as they jumped with excitement. “Now ring her and summon her tomorrow at my boutique,” Mbissine suggested. She rang Neneh and expressed urgency. “I have something to share and it is of interest to you and very urgent,” Aunty Mengeh said. Neneh “How urgent? Is my life in danger?” She asked with panic. “It depends from which angle, but we are equally capable to tackle it, are we not your special ‘aunties’? Meet us at Mam’s Boutique tomorrow at 16. 00 hrs. The Trio “Well done! You are going to add spice to make the soup the hottest to achieve our aim and ambition; am I talking and making sense?” Mam posited. “O yes!” The others concurred. “You saw them kissing, fondling and creating a scene but you were afar and your Ipad cannot capture it.” Dor added. “The story is becoming more exciting and interesting.” The conspiracy plan has now taken full gear. At Mam’s Boutique Neneh could not sleep or rest as she arrived 4 O’clock to the dot at Mam’s shop and found the ‘aunties’ waiting for her with gloom faces. As she came down the hot news was given to her without any sedative. Aunty Mengeh “Mengeh we are all listening from the horse’s mouth,” the duo posited. She described what Ken was wearing and pretended that Neneh was with him when she saw them as she also described the lady’s dress. “At 5p.m. yesterday where you the one I saw kissing and fondling with our in-law Ken, I took a shot but on closer look I saw that it was different, I showed the other ‘aunties’ and they asked me to summon you to ask what is happening.” Neneh shook as a leaf as she examined the smart phone and went into tantrums. Neneh “So Ken is cheating on me? He will have to explain when I go home. He turned me into a ‘baby mama’ and would not allow me to work and make my own money. We shall see. I’ll make our home a hell, monkey works, baboon eats no way, over my dead body!” ‘The Aunties’ They turned gloomy faces and pretended to empathize with her. “We told you our experiences but you never believed us. Men are not to be 100% trusted. Every woman has a story; but it can be tackled. We as experienced ‘aunties’ will help you preserve your marriage if you listen and confide in us.” Neneh She thanked them. “I told my mother but she would not hear of it. Both mom and Ken said you people are deceiving me but she has been proven wrong. You have watched my back. I would have never known about it, Ken kept telling me lies.” The ‘Aunties’ “The old lady cannot be blamed because Ken makes your family dependent on him in order to take full control of your lives; this is what the three of us refused, for any man to have full control of us not to talk about our families. Instead we control our men and check mate their life. Ken is afraid of ‘strong women’ and wants a stooge as a wife.” The trio posited. Neneh went home in a rage. They saluted themselves when Neneh left. “This calls for celebration! Bring out hot and soft drinks to celebrate! My husband this! My husband that! To hell with ‘my husband’!” They concurred. To be Cont.  ]]>

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