Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 35 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah The Trio They paid Neneh a visit at her home. She gave Aunty Mengeh D10, 000 for her children’s fees as she clamed; she was overwhelmed and prayed for her. Mengeh “You are one of a kind, so kind and generous; my husband is a useless vegetable, who left the family welfare on my shoulders; his family rejected our marriage. They have the means but when my husband’s business grounded, they attributed it to my bad luck, thank you again for wiping the tears of a struggling woman.” The others concurred and heaped more praises unto Neneh and prayed for her. Neneh    “You are welcome! What are friends for? Even though you are older than me and my aunties, I need your advice so as not to go astray. My husband is happy when I help people in need since God has endowed us with the means.” Back at the Shop The trio trumped up for each other. “Let us share it on equal basis.” The duo posited. Mengeh “She gave it to me. I can give you a share but not to share it equally. It’s never done like that.” Mam “No way greedy ‘B’! We hatched the plan together and as such we have to share it equally.” Dor “Who is the master planner here? Am I asking for a lion share? Please the game is win-win and the arena is big enough for all of us.” Reluctantly Mengeh took out the money and it was equally shared among the    . “Look at the sharks! Each of you is fighting for the lion share; I pity the victim they are feasting on, the three criminal women!” Big Ben He came and requested for his wife to give him cash to transact some minor business. Dor She scolded and embarrassed her husband.    “What do you need money for, to go and spend it on ‘small-small’ girls? No way! I am sheltering, feeding and clothing you, I cannot give you any cash to throw around period.” Big Ben He protested. “How much did I invest into your business when I came from abroad? I have quantified it; you made me an outcast within my family, neighbours, friends and relatives and called me ‘woman wrapper’. You did not help the situation as you display your arrogance whenever I ask for a little money to spend around to buy ‘warga’ (green tea), kola and cigarettes. I’m just asking for a few hundred from my money. Is that too much to ask? You have driven me to the wall and you know what is said about a drowning man; give it to me now or I will burn down down your saloon and face the consequences. After all it is my money that was invested here.” Dor got the signal as Big Ben has never threatened her before. She counted a thousand and gave it to him. “Don’t ask me for any money up to the end of the month! I’m I understood?” “Yes, Ma!” He mocked at her. Dor “You useless vegetable! I wish you were dead for me to be free from your clutches.” She regretted transforming him into a wreck. “What use is he to me now but a nuisance?” Ken He decided to speak his mind to Neneh. “I don’t appreciate your three old ladies as your bosom friends; they are older, more experienced and unscrupulous than you. You are digging your own grave and that of our family in associating with them; I have the feeling that they are creating stories just to dupe you after knowing your weak point ‘empathy’. Be very careful with them and know what you tell them concerning our family.” Neneh She took offence and put Ken in the defensive. “You are very wrong to misjudge my friends, they might be older and more experienced than me but they bring it to the table and I appreciate that. As for the assistance I always give them, I do it at my own volition and you always appreciate and encourage me to help the needy and that’s exactly what I am doing with them. I know what I am doing, sunshine, but again your advice is well noted.” She kissed her husband on the forehead but Ken is not convinced but he does not want to hurt his wife who is deep into the friendship with the trio. Wedding Anniversary She celebrated their ten years anniversary in grand style and utilized the services of Event Planner based on the advice of Ken. Prior to the Event The trio went to her in order for them to the handle the occasion. “I can organize the ‘chereh’ by hiring the services of my women group. We can work on the modalities and it will be delivered on time,” Mam posited. Dor “My women group will bake the cake and provide the sweets and desserts and they will be delivered on time.” Mengeh “My women group will prepare the ‘benachin’, ‘yassa’ and grill, they are experts in these types of dishes and they will also be delivered on time.” The trio hatched a plan to defraud Neneh but Ken has foresight and advised his wife that he has already hired the services of an Event Planner through his financial officer Begay. Neneh She intimated her husband to what the trio has decided to do. “My trio aunties have shared the responsibilities of preparing the food among themselves but I told them I have to discuss it with you. What do you think? They are very eager to assist.” Ken He exploded. “Of course, they will be very eager to assist themselves with my money but they will be disappointed this time around. I have already centralized the catering by hiring the services of an Event Planner who will do everything and then bill me and this will be a relief to everyone.” Neneh She is very disappointed but at the same time greatly relieved. “What am I going to tell them?” She debated in her mind. Ken “Do you have difficulty telling them? Can I do it for you?” Neneh “No! I’ll try and reason with them.” “You better do it!” The Trio They anticipated the amount of money they will be making for themselves and started making plans of how to spend their loot. But when Neneh told them her plans, they could not hide their displeasure and disappointment. “Does Ken not trust us? Are we not your aunty friends? We are indeed very disappointed and does your husband know that sometimes these Event Planners can cause disaster. But all the same, we wish you well.” Neneh “I am very sorry but this Event Planner does it for Ken’s company and it is always very successful. That’s why he has great confidence in her. Don’t worry about this. What you need to do is just to make sure that you will put on your best attire and feel good. Come and enjoy to your fill, every kind of Gambian food and home made juices will be available as well as music from Senegambia and the other parts of the world. Dancers from different ethnic groups will also be invited.” To be Cont.  ]]>