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Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 32 (Difficult Marriages)


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By Amie Sillah Negative Influence on Marriage Mengeh “These are the kinds of babes we should recruit into our ‘cabudu’ (group),” she emphasised and Mam concurred. Mam Mbissine “I need such babes as my customers, good business!”Dor “Do such babes shop here? I don’t think so! She shops abroad in designers’ shops in world capitals.” Mam Mbissine “This is an opportunity girl! Let us talk her into it.” “Let us try.” “We will try as there is no harm in trying and you know me, I like challenges.” Ken He is in his office with a childhood friend Taanor, who was criticizing Hassum another friend. Taanor “Hassum’s wife, Hanju, has an inferiority complex comparing her husband with other husbands of her friend. She gets into unnecessary expenses just to show that her family is first class to the extent that she neglects her essential duties to it. She hates me but I can understand her state of mind. I behave to her with maturity and advise her husband to be focused so as not to allow her to ground their family. My friend, I am not in a hurry to get married. I have to put Tenneng on many compatibility tests before finally tying the knot because, if I say I do, I mean it forever till death do us part. Hanju’s friends are questionable and compromising, their husbands have been transformed into vegs and they commit all sorts of atrocities, but because they finance their husbands who tend to turn a blind ey. I would never allow my wife to be associated with such divers who sell their souls to silver and gold. Hanju has finally grounded Hasum’s business, and her friends are encouraging her to enter the game and also reduce her hussy to a veg.” Ken “That’s my point and my advice to Aji, I warned her to be aware of such women in order not to tarnish her image and ruin our family. I believe in our positive culture, religion and all that. I’ve trained myself abroad and was never thrown into confusion. I analysed everything and always did what benefitted me health wise and what sustained my dignity and self- esteem, even though I was alone studying for my degrees.” Mengeh She was narrating the story of a young affluent lady who came shopping at a designers’ shop where she happened to be with friends. “This girl’s shopping was worth half a million dalasis and she drew a cheque without  blinking girlie, look at us  struggling in ‘runs’ just to look good. Some people are living in heaven while the majority of us live in hell. I felt jealous of such a small girl spending that kind of money.” Mam Mbissine She became excited as she twisted around her swing chair in her shop. “Look at my veg of a husband he cannot even give me ordinary 5k. What is the lady’s name, we need such people in our group?” Mengeh She thought hard and said: “Aji Neneh is fair in complexion with a friendly composure!” Mam Mbissine Mam and Dor chorused in unison. “She is the one we are all talking about the same girl Neneh! We have to recruit her as quickly as possible; she can bring many opportunities to the table,” Mengeh concurred. “I have seen it with my eyes and felt it with my body,” Mengeh said. “We have suffered, half a million shopping spree in these hard times and circumstances!,” Mam emphasized her point. Dor She brought Neneh along to visit Mbissine’s shop, she was excited. She showed her around and she bought items worth D200, 000. Neneh She dipped into her bag, counted the money but it was sort of D50, 000. “My money is sort of D50, 000. I spent it along as I gave assistance to such acquaintances, friends and neighbours. Then let me return some items and take what my money can buy. I was just patronizing you but Ken has brought most of it from abroad.” Mam Mbissine Mam would not hear of it. “Madam Neneh, as a VIP, I can never take back what you have taken, what are friends for? Take it on credit and pay when it is convenient, as you have already bought much from me.” Neneh “Ken would be mad with me, he does not want me to be in ‘ashobi,’ as well as to be indebted for any reason whatsoever. He also does not want to encourage credit buying, he says it grounds business; most of my items are shopped over there and are much cheaper. “ Dor “Didn’t I tell you that Neneh shops abroad?” Neneh “My husband does not mind me to shop daily, he spoils me ‘patta patta’ and said he has the money and will spend it on his family. Being generous, why shouldn’t I assist my struggling ‘aunties’ with what God has given to me? So long as I am happy, he does not mind even if he buys them for me over there.” The duo eye winked the other and smiled. When she is done, she left Dor and Mbissine and went home. Afterwards The friends sat and decided to dissect Neneh and developed plans of how to dupe her. Dor “That is Neneh for you, every single word or phrase she names her husband, ‘my husband this! My husband that! My husband said it! My husband bought me this, that! How many times did this naïve fool brag mention her husband? Don’t we too have husbands, even though they are now vegs? Once upon a time they were ‘real gentlemen with means’ before we sucked them dry. We have to teach her the lesson of her life; that as a young child, one cannot play with glowing fire.” Mam Mbissine She gave a sarcastic laughter with a proverb. “I pity the goat in the company of wolves! Walls have ears sister, let us keep our secrets deep in our heart.” Dor rang Neneh and told her she was visiting her home. Neneh “I am at the supermarket, where are you for me to pick you up?” “At my shop, will be waiting for you.” To be Cont.]]>

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