Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 31


By Amie Sillah Negative Influence In Marriage At Saloon Sisy Dor Dorothy fondly called Sisy Dor by relatives, close friends and associates runs a saloon called Dungeon Dor which a great ‘grand palace’ for the trio friends known as the 3 Beads, Dorothy, Mam Mbissine and Mbenge, the saloon is popular with the guys as well as the babes and latest gossip in town can be tapped from here. This is the saloon where Neneh does her hair; she calls Sisy Dor Aunty Dor. Sisy Dor Mam Mbissine visited her and they gossiped about their husbands. Mam’s husband is Benjie (Ben) and Dor’s is Hassan (Hansen). Ben owns a small family business but when he met and dated Mam she grounded him and reduced Ben to a vege. The family was shattered and estranged; Mam housed him accompanied by insults and indignityas she turned him into a houseboy; she flirts with ‘big shots’ to maintain her extravagant lifestyle. Gossip says she uses ‘juju’ on him. All the same what we do know is that Mam Mbissine is a strong character who takes no for an answer, she is shrewd and also a schemer, very calculating always a step faster than her competitors. Sisy Dor’s husband is Hansen he too is a hustler who came from Europe with some doe and gossip has it that it was from drug but all the same he invested t into Dorothy’s business and when it blossomed she pretended as if it all belong to her, Hansen is trapped, he neglected his family and now all his sisters and brothers are abroad they refused to help him and took their mother away so as to make him lay on the bed he made for himself. He has to live with the indignation of having to ask for bututs to solve his minor problems as Dor check on every butut that he asks. He too is turned into a vege. Dor flirts with ‘big shots’ to sustain her extravagant lifestyle. “I cannot leave ‘runs’ so it was not wise to turn him into a vege.” Dor told her friend Mam. Mam Mbissine “I totally agree with you, I have to travel to places to furnish my boutique the ‘runs’ help me do just that. All the same you cannot just have your cake and eat it!” They scorn their husbands and have no respect for them to the disgust of relatives, love ones, friends neighbours. Their husbands turn blind eyes to their atrocities. Aji Neneh She asks for D100, 000 for a glamorous ceremony she was to attend. “Sunshine I have to buy the ‘ashobi’ and to give my ‘ndoli’ to my best friend and Aunty Dor.” Ken He is not happy with female friends as he calls them gossips. “I hate to say it darling but ‘ashobi’ is not welcome by me, if you associate with questionable females you’ll gossip about other families and they too will gossip about you. All the same I’ll give you D200, 000 but consider my advice.” She jumped and hugged her husband. “You are a darling! I love you so much.” Dor’s Dungeon  ]]>