Seyii Tolof – Tolof Part 14 (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah Ndungs She came from the control room and met her parents for the first time since she and Minah put them in such an awkward situation. She interrogated each of them. Starting with her dad she asked, “Are you now resolved to make peace with your wife and rebuild your family again?” Nopi    “What wife are you talking about, a naïve, freckle minded wife manipulated by a jealous serpent of a friend? She threw away her precious jewel when she was fooled to think it was rusted black metal coated in gold; I can never trust her again, never!” Ndungs stared at him with disgust then turned to her mom and asked, Ndungs “Mom! What have you to say about his opinion?” Cissy “’Kumbaye banyn Sambaye rassu’ (of the same opinion) I don’t want to go back into a situation where my husband keeps vital information from me. He is not man enough to inform me of what was the source of our conflict; I cannot trust my life with him again.” Ndungs She became emotional and bursted into tears. “You are irresponsible, petty and selfish; you are only thinking about yourself and your ego, what about me the product of your union? I am hurting when I see that my parents are alive and single, you both love each other but vain pride is putting you apart, get together fix it now or I’ll kill myself here and now and my blood will be on your hands as you lose your only daughter though vain pride, now count one to ten and if you don’t fix it I’ll kill myself start counting now! One, two, three………” She counted up to nine but her parents shouted in unison, “Stop! Don’t hurt yourself dear daughter, we’ll fix it up.” Ndungs “Okay fair enough! Five minutes and if you don’t fix it prepare to receive my corpse.” She went into the control room. Reconciliation The estranged couple have to swallow their vain pride to save the life of their only daughter. Nopi “I am very sorry as the man of the house I should have spoken out and exposed your Jezebel of a friend and shatter her evil plans but I drew back thinking I’ll hurt you but I was wrong as my silence broke up my home and make the devil triumph for sometime.” Cissy She broke down and wept bitterly. “I am very sorry my love for driving you to the edge, I should have appreciated your love, care and passion but I was naïve to have been brainwashed by the devil, she hated my success and I was so blindfolded not to have noticed it. I love you but hated to admit it and I never allowed myself to be loved again by another man. I therefore devised the ‘sour grapes’ to wade men away.” Nopi “We are two of a kind meant for each other, I also shielded myself from women and invested in our daughter to keep me busy and to scare away other women who tried desperately because of my wealth first being your devilish friend whom I threatened to kill and she got lost. I love you Cissy and would forever love and cherish you and thanks for our great daughter who did what I fear to do.” The couple dragged their glued chair up to the other and passionately kissed each other. Acclamation Ndungs came out from the control room and clapped for her parents. Ndungs “Am I not the luckiest girl on earth? Here are my estranged parents back into the romance scene after 17 plus years. Thank you Lord.” She raised her hands high up and went and hugged both of them. Then she announced; “Do you want to know who is behind this brilliant idea of getting you back again?” “Was it not your brilliant idea?” The parents asked. Ndungs    “After talking to both of you and you proved adamant, I went back to my best pal and wanted to give up but she encouraged me not to. And she designed another plan for me and called it Plan B. At the beginning when you still proved adamant I became more frustrated and discouraged but she asked me to threaten with my life and when I questioned whether you’ll bulge she said,” ‘Try with your life none of them would want to lose you as you are the only thing they value on earth, my instinct tells me it will work and it did, let me now invite Minah to join our happy family.” Minah She entered the sitting room with broad smile as she rushed to the family and gave them a big hug. “I am very happy that Allah blessed my idea and helped to bring smiles back on the faces of this family, God bless you.” There was a big applause and the family threw out a Thanksgiving Party and became united again. Cissy She becomes her former self, nice, easy going and approachable she decided to ring her younger sibling and invited her to come back. “Come back my dear sister and bring your man, he is your missing rib and I have no reason to put asunder what the good lord has put together, I have learnt a bitter lesson in life by allowing myself to be manipulated by an evil, jealous friend and I cannot do the same thing to my darling sister.” Mam “This is the best news I’ve never heard for months now, I’ll come back and another good news Njogu‘s emissaries will be coming to ask for my hand in marriage.” Cissy She screamed with excitement. “I am thrilled; Nopi and I will welcome them.” Taaka Jaybaale Njogu’s people came fully prepared, a date was given to them and ‘two in one ceremony’ was performed and it became a memorable occasion for the couple their ceremony being graced by family, friends, well wishers and neighbours. Njogu He briefly took his bride to his duplet and the couple later travelled to the U.K for his sabbatical, Mam took the advantage and studied Fashion Designing and Hairdressing. Rugi She was caught smuggling drugs to the U.S and got jailed for 20 years. The couple got the news from social media. Nopi “It serves her right, that is the place she deserves, home breaker!” Cissy “I’ve forgiven her trespass and will continue to pray for her redemption.” He clapped for Cissy. “I admire your clean heart because I have no regard or pity for evil doers, the chicken has come home to roost!” THE END of this Marriage Story others will follow in the series, Seyii Tolof-Tolof.  ]]>