Seyii –Tolof Part 92 EPISODE 8 (Difficult Marriages) (Seed of Destruction)


By Amie Sillah
Kenneth (Korka) befriended his first love Jennifer (Jambal) but due
to incompatibility he ditched her for a village bride Therese
(Tenneng) who is a first paternal cousin, educated up to Grade 12 and
graduated from a skills centre as a caterer.Jennifer (Jambal) graduated from Yundum College and worked as a
Headmistress in an urban school. Korka Kenneth left T.T at the village
and went to the city working as a bank executive and leading a
bachelor life.
Mama Nancy Ndungu Korka (NNK), a retired nurse/midwife unhappy about
her son’s decadent lifestyle. She impressed upon the clan to take his
wife to the city to live with him and make him abandon the life of a
‘married bachelor’ and her wish was granted, Korka paid T.T bride
price and all the rites and rituals associated with traditional
marriage but Therese insisted on church white wedding as his only
legal wife and her wish was granted. She came to the city and lived
with her husband.
Korka changed his lifestyle and became very responsible until this fateful day.
She sent him numerous emails requesting to see him;
“I want to see you as a matter of life and death and it is very
urgent!” But Korka dodged her letters which he honoured with total
J.J pestering continued unabated and now weighs heavily on his
appetite and composure which T.T recognized as a young, keen bride.
“What is it my husband? You look dull and lack appetite,” Tenneng asked.
“I am fine.” His answer was not convincing.
His Transformation
She came to the door heavily pregnant. She knocked loudly at the
door T.T went to open the door and saw a heavily pregnant woman.  She
went back and asked;
“How can I help you madam?”
She laughed heartily and replied;
“Is this Mr. Korka’s House?”
“Yes, how can I help you?”
“Call him for me I want to have a serious conversation with him.”
T.T became suspicious and went back without opening the door for her
but J.J continued to bang with intensity. Korka came downstairs and
scolded his wife.
“Didn’t you hear the bang at the door? Who is it?”
T.T hissed and frowned as Korka went to open the door,
The Shock and Surprise
“What are you doing here and who gave you my address?”T.T tiptoed
and eavesdropped their conversation.
J.J became crossed;
“Does it matter who gave me your address? What is important is that
I am here and I want to put to bed our first baby before moving on
with my life.”
Korka became confused and disappointed.
“You are asking me the impossible; I am already married and you
cannot stay with us, as what I may ask?”
J.J gave a sarcastic laughter and sulked;
“As the mother of your child and I cannot give birth to my child
outside the father’s house.”
“Tell me it’s a joke and one of your pranks!”
“Tell me you are the joke, what were you thinking of that you’ll
impregnate me and dump me? That is not J.J., I have come home at least
to give birth, give you your child and go about my private life.”
She cried bitterly and felt betrayed as she cursed her husband.
“I’ve heard everything said; how could you old swine when you’ve
just finished paying my bride price? She cannot bring your harlot, a
prostitute to come and stay in my house; I’ll be damned to allow that;
what do you take me for?” She wept bitterly.
Korka knelt down and held her knees;
“You are my first cousin and my blood, don’t shame me in front of an
outsider; she is carrying my blood and I cannot reject it let us show
her hospitality and as soon as she puts to bed she goes and leave my
child to be nursed by a nanny; she was my first love but when I
discovered we were incompatible I leave her and came for you in fact
my mum ensured I marry my blood to have stability. Please forgive me,
forgive my transgression but you cannot dislike the placenta and throw
it away with the baby.” He wept bitterly which softened T.T’s heart.
She came in and found T.T heavily pregnant as well.
“Where is my room? I hope it is properly prepared as a nursing home.”
Korka (K.K)
“Just shut up and know you are not welcome you came under duress and
the undertaking is that you’ll leave as soon as you put to bed. I mess
myself and regretted ever befriending you.”
“Stop lamenting and behave like a man, a mature man! Take me to my
room,” she commanded.
T.T frowns and hissed as she climbed the stairs and locked up her room.
“For two weeks she locked herself in her room with everything she
needs just to avoid meeting J.J who paraded the house as the first
madam of the house.
K.K all the time accusing J.J. of being on a destruction mission.
“Why do you decide to come and destroy my home, what have I done to
you? I left you and adequately compensated you, why did you get
pregnant when you know I was not going to marry you?” He chided her.
“Does it matter? Where you not my first love who showed me the
world, you wasted my time Korka you should apologize to me; my request
is simple, our baby be born in the father’s house that’s all. Am I not
beautiful? I’ll woo another man better and richer than you.”
T.T ignored them and barricaded herself in her self-contained room.

Making life difficult for the couple
Korka sneaked into her room and they locked themselves up but J.J does
not let them be.
“Selfish man do you think I come into your house to be maltreated? My
baby needs love from the parents and I am out just to achieve just an
aim. Open the door or I’ll keep on banging until you open it; let us
all go to the living room and enjoy equity as pregnant women; I am not
the type to be treated unfairly,” she protested.
Korka came out and hissed but T.T decided to remain in her room trying
to figure out how to deal with a ‘mad person’.
To be Cont.