Seyii –Tolof – Part 87 EPISODE 7 (Difficult Marriages – Taking the other Spouse for granted.)


By Amie Sillah

At Ken’s Home
Sue is now psychologically torturing Ken super ceding him in his game and she is enjoying every bit of it. She deliberately wore sexy revealing dresses to provoke Ken and make him all the more jealous. She is phoning her secret lover. She then turned to Ken;   “I’ll not be coming tonight you can bolt the door.” Then before she left Ken confronted her.
“This is what is call prostitution! Prostitution cannot be done in my house! I forbid it!” He protested.

“Ken set me free! Amno longer married toyou we are officially divorce you know andif not for your stupid request I would have been out and openly enjoying myself but now I have to be discreet until the storm is over.”

He is weakenedand has to plead with Sue;
“You are a mother please if not for me but for the children!”

“Yes, I am a mother but a single one at that and I have blood running through my veins and need satisfaction!”
He wanted to touch her but Sue protested and moved his hand away.
“Yes now the children matter but I cannot date but you can bring a woman into your home, why?” She laughed hysterically and mocked him.
“Take care darling! I am going to catch some fun!” She caressed his cheek and left him shattered.
“I am on my way!” She announced aloud for Ken to hear.

He is shattered and shaken as he played a love song to match his mood. He took a snap at the couch and slept but suddenly woke up in cold sweat panting;
“Help me Lord let no man touch my wife, the mother of my kids, I still love her!” The solemn music continues.
He phoned Sue but her phone was switched off.

She came back late in the night and found Ken awake he called her and followed Sue upstairs.

Chenors’ House
She came running with excitement;
“Sweetie! Guess what has happen?
“I cannot guess tell me!”
“The hard work has yielded fruit I have been promoted to the rank of a Branch Manager which I was acting for sometime now!”
“I am very proud of you and this calls for celebration! Kumba! Bring in three glasses and fresh juice to drink to the health of your mother the madam of the house!”

Shebrought what she was asked to bring and congratulated Lolly;
“Congratulations Ma! And may Allah protect you, your family and more promotionin good healthandlong life.”

Thank you Kums and Amen!”

“We will now have more quality time forourselves, let’s goinand celebrate it in a special way.

“Don’t be insensitive, Iwant moreanditcallsforharder work remember my target is Regional Manager, you are special that’s why I’ve come home toinform you first before anyone else, Iamgoingback towork.”

He felt disappointed but masked it smile he shrugged his shoulders and said;
“Okay, please your self!”
Lolly left in a jiffy as Che toast with Kumba and climbed back to his room.

Margo (Margaret)
She is the house help brought in by Mama Ken she brought in food and served Ken. He opened it and felt disgusted went to Sue and queried.

“Please give her your recipe and teach her how to cook!”

“Go to someone from your class to teach her how to makeclassical meals mycookingis only for my class.” She laughed sarcastically and said;
“Oh! I least forget Mona?”

He is now subdued and have no energy to fight.
“Sue in my wildest dream I cannot visualize that you’ll turn out to be this callous!”

   “No! Enough name calling; Iamnotin the mood for insults, I’ll help her.”

“Thank you! First ask her what she put onthat table!”

“Maggie your Boss asks what you put at the table.”
“Rice and stew sir!”
“She said rice and stew!” Sue told Ken.
She turned to Maggie;
“Next time when you cook tell your Boss what it is.”
“Thank you Ma!”
“Now enjoy!” She held Ken’s chin to tease him and left.

“This is official, you cannot cook, and I’ll callMama and askher to comeand take you away frommy sight, take awaythis nonsense!” He scolded her.
“Sue is an excellent cook, since I married her I’ve never eaten anywhere not even from my parents’ home. What have I done to myself?” He wailed silently.

“Boss you’ll behungryoh! This is a nice stew!” She argued.

She is now on top of the game as Ken is being cornered. She chatted with secret lover and laughed hysterically to irritate Ken who sat few metres away watching her every move. She gave some romantic remarks left her phone behind and went upstairs to her room.

He rushed and took the phone to spy and saw sexting messages and he wrote back threatening the secret love.

“Show your identity secret thief and I’ll kill you! You were cheating with my wife when we were having our difficulties while you were about trying to separate us; I still love my wife and there is no way I’ll allow you reap where you did not sow parasite! Susan is mind and no man will marry her while I amalive! I have money and class I’ll hunt you down and kill you, it is a promise! If I don’t have her no other man will!”

“You are a coward andnot a real man! You throw away your jewel and I’vepickit up, since university days I love Sue but you came and deceived her to love you, but you have failed, now Sue is mind and she is sweet and decentand I’ll be damn to let youenslave her again; Sue is afighter who has tasted freedomwhich youcannever give her! She is peacefulandfor her sake I’ll never harm you because of her lovely children whomyou fathered. Bye for now revengeful loser! A cow does not value its tail until he loses it!”

“Get ready for me you can run but can never hide! I’ll send spies, assassins and put a handsome price at your head coward! Come out and profess your love be rest assured you can never steal my jewel, Sue is mine and mine alone!”
He went back to his seat before Sue comes out.

To be Cont.