Seyii Tolof – Part 79 EPISODE 6 (Difficult Marriages) (Wicked In-Laws)


By Amie Sillah

She managed the two companies very well and ensured all their debts are paid and those owing them paid back to the companies. Even though she knows her right now that she is a widow who lost her husband at an early age she did not want to estrange her in laws she decided to be submissive and hold the peace.

Lawrence Lama
He behaved and is also held the peace with Chaa and is very helpful and dotted to hisnephew Baaba.
“Chaa congrats you are managing the companies very well and I have no reason to interfere and could not have done it better. I salute you.”

She showed him all the books and the trusteeship until Baaba is old enough to manage the family companies.
“That is alright! I have the documents and I’ll surely respect my brother’s wish even though he was yet to make a proper Will before bad guys took his young life away.” He shed emotional tears.
“It is okay I’ll be strong for Baaba I’ll not cry again.” Chaa posited.

He came back to clear himself of any wrong doing as he visited the police and encouraged them to do their investigation to catch the assassin.
Then he visited Chaa and tried to woo her.
“You are a good woman and I am interested to marry you if you like.”
Chaa rebuked him;
“What do you take me for? Do you think I am so desperate to marry again? Even if I am to marry not now when I am mourning my friend, my husband.”

One Year Charity
Chaa found an efficient manager Tamsir to look after the business for her son and her brother in law who has no idea of management whatsoever.
The one year charity went ahead without any hitch and all the rites and rituals done to honour the dead.

New Turn of Events
Lawrence has his eyes on Gasim’s widow but how to tell her was his greatest challenge. He petted her and shields her from Mama Rosa’s wrath who was all the time finding fault and harassing her.
When she found her doing laundry she would come and spilt the water on the ground or would pull down all the clothes on the line to the ground.
“Mama this is not right, stop harassing Gasim’s wife she is a good woman who has given the family a son to replace your dead son, my brother. Please let her be.”
Mama insulted Lama and asked him to mind his business.
“Why are you defending her? I want to harass her so that she would leave us for good, how I hate this woman, she should have been the one to die and not my good, productive son.”
“Mama stop saying such evil utterances may the good lord forgive your transgression.”
Mama hissed and left Lama in the cold.

She wept bitterly.
“Why does mama still hate me? We have Baaba to replace Gasim and he is her grand son why, why?” She kept on asking herself aloud.

Lawrence Lama
“He does not hate you, you should now know how mama behaves, ignore her, I love you Chaa, can you marry me for Baaba’s sake? We don’t want you out of the Jawo family, think about it.”

She jumped and jerked from his entangle.
“God forbid! I can never marry you Iamhere just for Baaba and whenhe is oldenough I’ll remarry but certainly not to your family.”

Lawrence Lama
“You see it, mama is right about you! Why should you not marry me? Am I not of the same blood with Algasim? Is he better than me?”

   “I don’t love and I can’t marry you that’s all.”

Mama Rosa
She came out with rage as she has heard the exchanges.
“Didn’t I tell you? That she is wicked and insensitive this hopeless woman who was rescued by my son, who knows she could have given him bad luck to get killed by assassin who is yet to be apprehended.”
“We shall see! Give me the cars keys you will never drive any one of them again.”

She paid Kanku a visit and told her everything.
“Don’t mind them they are wicked but nemesis will soon catch up with them.”

She came and confronted her family.
“Leave Chaa alone oh! Leave her alone! Is marriage by force? She does not love you go and get a woman who will love you mama’s boy. Nemesis will catch up with you if you continue your evil acts. Let her be to mourn her husband.”
Lama wanted to hit her but Mama Rosa intervened.
“Don’t put yourself into trouble, she is now somebody’s wife and her husband will not take it lightly that we opposed their marriage.”
Kanku provoked him with taunts and insults as Mama dragged him into her house.

A Family Meeting
The elders of the kindred assembled to impress upon Chaa to marry her brother in law.
“That is the tradition; Lama can marry you to be a father figure to Baaba your son.” Cow Yerro posited as the other traditionalists concurred.

Sir Njogu
He is more exposed and empowered he decided to directly asked Chaa.
“What have you to say our wife, in law?”

“I don’t love him and can’t marry him, I am staying here until my baby is weaned and we returned to the city for me to continue with my life without Gasim, definitely marriage can wait for me to mourn my husband enough and I have to take my time to marry my type and not just anyone.”

“Am I anyone?” He protested.
Mama hurled her abuses and insults.
“Ingrate then you better go back to the city you cannot stay here with me or else I’ll show you hell.” She swore.

Sir Njogu
He agreed with Chaa.
“I believe in consent before marriage no one will force you marry anyone you don’t like.”
He turned to Mama Rugi and warned her.
“Stop molesting your son’s widow if not you’ll receive the wrath of God, allow her to peacefully mourn her husband and go her way. I have said my own.”
Mama hissed and left the meeting sternly staring at Chaa.

Lama started to see Gasim’s ghost as he claimed. He will run around the village shouting his name and this worried people and raised eye brows.
“He is wicked to his widow that’s why he is seeing him; Gasim loved his wife while he was alive.” The villagers gossiped.

To be Cont.