Seyii Tolof – Part 77 EPISODE 6 (Difficult Marriages- The Wicked In-Laws)


By Amie Sillah

Mama wept bitterly when she heard Gasim driving into the compound. He halted and went to her.

“What’s wrong mom? Has a person died?”

Mama Rosa (Rugi)
“Your evil wife and her maid are tormenting me in this house; they will refuse to give me good food and Margo would not allow me play with my grandson they say I am evil and would harm him; can you imagine?” She became hysterical.

“Okay I’ll talk to them.”
“Prepare for me I’ll go back to the village tomorrow.”
“But bear with me until end of month to enable me give you a good package.”
“I am staying because of you but give me pocket money to buy whatever I need if they serve me bad food.”
“No problem.” He gave her pocket money and asked her to request for more if depleted.
She smiled;
“That is my son no one can come between us.” She said aloud for Chaa and Margo to hear.
Gasim announced his presence and searched every where for Chaa and found her in the kitchen preparing dinner.
He kissed her and left without mentioning anything about mama or her troubles.

“Let me let sleeping dog to lie. As her son, he did not raise it why should I?” She kept quiet and went to the sitting room.
“Dinner is being served!” She announced. Gasim got up but Mama refused and ignored her.
“Mama Dinner is being served! Are you not going to eat?”

“I am not a pretender when you are around she pretends to be an angel but when you are not around they serve me bad food; I am dining out I don’t need her food and it will remain so until I leave.”

He shook his head in disgust sighed and said;
“Suit yourself mama! Suit yourself!”
Mama sang foul songs hissed and went out to dine.
“I have money to spend my son is rich and I can never be a beggar or in charity in my son’s house.”
“Sunshine! Ignore her pettiness and whatever humanely possible that you can do for her do it and remember I’ll always be on your side you are my missing rib, my oxygen.” He kissed her.

Lawrence Lamarana
He came unannounced.
Gasim is infuriated.
“What are you doing here? How is your village business? I hope you have some good news to tell me your huge profit and diversication you want to undergo.”
He muffled some illegible words and laughed.
“I missed mama and came to find out why she is still here leaving behind her lucrative village business.”

He became cynical.
   “Indeed you are a big fool! Mama’s boy you are being called; aren’t they right?”

Mama Rosa
She came to the defense of her son.
“The fact that you assist him does not give you the right to insult and marginalize him; he is your elder brother for God sake!”

“You’ve seen it! You spoil him! Do you intend to make him a dependent for life? Mama this is shameful; I’ve said it I’ll never give him any assistance until he proves himself and nothing,anyone can persuade me not even you my mother.”

Time to Leave
Prior to the departure day Chaa persuaded her to go and make her hair at the saloon; reluctantly she went with her; after the saloon she drove her to town to do her shopping; she shopped extravagantly but Chaa took enough money to ensure there was no friction.
Mama is happy on top of the world.
“This is the first time in your marriage to my son that you do me good, keep it up because after all it is my son’s wealth and you have a son and you would like your daughter in law to treat you well. What goes around comes around.” She said with sarcasm.

“Thank you for the good advice but berest assured I will always put God in what ever I do and will ensure I am an asset in Baaba’s life and not a liability.”
The words were piercing and mama felt it and frowns.

Returns Back to the Village
Katherine Kanku

She is the second child and a SEN (State Enrolled Nurse); mama acted as a pimp and tried to sell her to political bosses, business elite or any body who can give money for that matter.
At first Kanku played bond but as the years go by she came to the conclusion that her mother is selfish and does not wish her to settle and found a family.
Many suitors came from the village or catchment area but were all rejected by mama for one parochial reason or another;
“He is a ‘tega’ (smith), an ‘wude’ (cobbler), a ‘jamm’ (slave) or a ‘domma’ (witchcraft), ‘ndol’ (pauper).” The rejection goes on.

I am fed up mama, I’ll marry my choice whether you reject or not, are you the one marrying or me?”

The Marriage
Alhajj Bassiru came to ask for Kanku’s hand in marriage.
Mama sent his envoys away.
“Alhajj Bassiru is over 60 years and wants to marry my daughter of 35 years? Moreover, they are of differentfaith and my daughter would never convert. His wife died and since then he never remarried; what killed his wife? Go and tell him that he will not marry my daughter.”

The friends strategized and asked the envoys to visit Kanku’s eldest paternal uncle.

Sir Njogu
   He is a church elder and very positive. He accepted the envoys and asked the friends whether they are keen to marry each other and they replied in the positive then he facilitated the process and a ‘Taaki Bassang’ took place where Kanku retained her faith.

Alhajj Bassiru
He is a widower, a Senior Dispenser now retired but running a series of Pharmacies across the country. He is blessed with 5 children three men and two women all married and professional of various kinds with children some are working and staying abroad and others in country.
She was a senior to Kanku in the hospital where she works. The couple love themselves and Kanku is now an expectant mother.

Mama Rosa
She ganged with Lama to torment Kanku.
“Look at her she is ‘lamba’ (a reject) who cannot marry a person in her faith or her age mate. I am sorry for you.” She mocked and Law concurred.

She cursed and insulted them.
“Look at them coal calling kettle black! 6 and 9 aren’t you?”
She turned to Lawrence Lama and said;
“Look at you mama’s boy! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? A fool at 40, your age mates married with children and here you were mama’s tail; she made you a ‘tooye’ (fool) to satisfy her ego; I was in the same boat she using me in a pimp ring but I am now happily married but look at you I pity you; and moreover, stop going to the city to harass and torment that innocent woman; let her be and I am no longer part of your conspiracy to torment her.”
Lama rushed to hit her but Kanku came forward and challenged him.
“Hit me coward and you’ll be jailed for life good for nothing!” She snapped.
Mama Rosa Rugi
“Leave her she is trouble and she is heavily pregnant.” She pushed Lama into her house.

To be Cont.