Seyii Tolof – Part 61 (EPISODE 4) (Difficult Marriages)


By Amie Sillah
The Kids
They insisted that either Mom or Dad should take them to school.
Maria Mantome encouraged them to go until another time when their
parents will be available reluctantly they left with her.Ti
She cried bitterly when the children left as she did not want to
spoil their mood to see her indepression. Mantome came back and
consoled her.
“Marriage is not a bed of roses it has its ups and downs, it
sometimes work and sometimes it doesn’t; just take it easy and don’t
be too hard upon yourself.”
“Thank you my friend for your consoling, soothing words, thank you!
He has shut himself in his room since he came from the clinic, what is
this Marie, what have I done to this man but to give him my
unflinching love?”
Mam Ndaxte (Mabel)
She came and went straight to Gaa’s bedroom and confronted him.
“What is this, what can I do for you?”
Mam Ndaxte (Mabel)
“What you can do for all of us is to behave like a man, a husband
and a father; why do you choose to upset and torment my kid sis? What
has she done to you but to defy me and marry you, she has three lovely
kids for you by sacrificing her career and her life, what else do you
want from her? Whatever your problem why can’t you share it with her?
Talk to me bushman! I’ll not leave this room until you tell me the
reason for your abnormal behaviour.”
He just got up and ran out of the room Mam Ndaxte followed him out of the room.
The other Family
Their nephew Rone enquired about Tida.
“I did not see your friend Aunty Ti in this house for a while, is
everything okay with her?”
“Smart boy! You are right, I haven’t seen her or Gaa for a while, I
hope everything is okay with my friend’s family? I’ve tried her phone
several times but it is not going through. It is very true I’ll check
on her.”  She turned to her husband and said;
“Rone is from a smart family; is it not from our blood? You cannot
deny that your wife is smart and witty.”
“Self praise makes no recommendation!” Saul teased her as he gave
her juice to sip.
“Your husband is caring can you deny it?” She kissed him
passionately and said;
“That is my answer.” They hilariously laughed over it, well connected couple.
At Gaa’s Office
He is consumed in sorrow.
“Is this the end of the road for me? I am finished!” He sobbed
bitterly.“How come?” He questioned again.
He came asked for his friend and was ushered in by Rose his
secretary. He found him crying but suddenly caught up but he saw it
and asked.
“What is the problem my best pal? A problem shared is half solved.”
He shouted at him.
“Please I want to be left alone and I don’t care whether you are my
best or worst pal, what difference does it make?” Saul is surprised.
“This is not you, something is terribly wrong; you were crying when
I came in but take it easy and share the burden.”
He shouted for Rose to answer to his call. As she entered he rose up
and gave her a nasty slap.
“Why did you allow this intruder in?”
“But he is you best friend who is always welcomed.” He asked her
out and also pushed Saul and shut his door after him he then locked up
“I’ll not take offence something is terribly wrong with my friend but
I’ll investigate the reason.” He consoled Rose and left.
He wept bitterly inside his office.
As a small statue person she drains and her sorrow all written on
her composure and physic. She is alone in her sorrow and melancholy,
crying alone and hiding from everyone; Mantome came again and consoled
Mary called a cab to take them to school but they again resisted and
said dad has to take them. Ti came out and told them that dad is sick
and has not come because he is gone to hospital but has sent them
money for ice cream and chocolate. She then sang ‘Going to school
song’ which they always sing as a family and she was able to convince
them to go to school.Ti cried her heart out when the kids left with
He drove into the compound and as he stepped out Ti went to embrace
him but he pushed her down and entered the house; Ti was embarrassed
and she wept bitterly.
After work she came to visit her friend and enquired about the problem.
“My dear sister this problem I cannot explain, the day he went to
collect his result was the day I lost my husband into sorrow and
melancholy which he transferred to all of us and the worst aspect is
that he will not communicate with anyone therefore we are completely
shut out from his world; his action is killing me softly and I cannot
explain it any where. Yesterday he slept out which he has never done
since I married him 10 years ago.”
“This is strange, do you know that Gaa threw out his best pal Saul
out of his office as he shut himself crying bitterly; he slapped his
secretary Rose for ushering Saul. This is abnormal something hard is
eating him up and he does not want to share it with his friend and
love ones. Just take it easy and keep yourself body and soul together
also pray for God’s fortitude and intervention.”
She went to the office and investigated from Rose.
“Don’t lie to me, where did your boss sleep yesterday?”
“He slept at the office and since he came from the hospital he has
been behaving strangely, easily irritated and could you believe he
slapped me for letting his best pal into his office after which he
shut himself up and slept there until in the morning when I woke him
up. Something deep is eating a nice man away.”
“Don’t tell anyone I was here but I’ll see what to do, continue
putting your ears on the ground.” She dipped into her bag and gave her
a handsome tip.
To be Cont.