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Seyii Tolof – part 122 EPISODE 10 (Difficult Marriages – Saaye Nyaalo)


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By Amie Sillah

Family A
Diborr with her two friends Jambal and Amina Mbissine; the former tries to help her to control her eating habits while the latter is liberal and wants her do as she wishes.
“Be a good friend and tell her the truth no matter how she takes it.” She turns to Diborr;   “Don’t mind Mina Mbissine, how our people say ‘your mouth is smelly can only be said by a true sister, I have said my own oh! I have said my own.” Jambal posited.
“I need your help! Are you not my friends?”
“Dieting, controlling your food intake is difficult as it calls for strict discipline what about dieting pill?” Mina Mbissine posited.
“That’s the solution I’ll go to the Druggist and get some.” Diborr concurred, but Jambal has her reservations.

Family B
Mbaalo took the blame for what has happened.
“I saw the danger but did not address it in time, it is hard but I’ll forgive her and pretended nothing happens.” He posited.
He went to the bar to sooth himself and calm his nerves.

 He past but was late to notice him as he came back to examined him closely.
 “Is he the one?” He came closer;
“Mbaalo? Are you really the one; my neighbourhood friend in Banjul?”
He shook his head and looked at him closely;
“Yes, I am Mbaalo, are you Diwane, our Goalie?”
“Yeap! Here I am!”
The old friends warmly hugged each other sat down and remember good old days in the neighbourhood in Banjul; memories both nostalgic and sweet invaded their mind eyes. Mbaalo ordered for more drinks.
He asked about his family;
“I heard you’ve graduated and is now an OBGY and a good one at that; are you married now or still a bachelor?” Diwane asked.
“I am married;” then he paused deep pain in his eyes.
“But you never invited me to your wedding?” Diwane posited.
“You are right but we lost touch that was the only reason.”
“What is it? Spill the bin! Are you happy in your marriage and for how long are you into it?” Diwane asked.

He wept bitterly as he narrated his painful experience.
“I married my dream girl whom I pregnated at school and at first we experienced paradise but not anymore, my busy work schedule as a doctor tore my young family apart, my wife felt neglected and I did not take heed and the worst happened.” He paused but Diwane pressed him to spill it out;
“Speaking out to trusted one is a therapy, speak out I am a friend and will keep your secret.”
“The worst happened to me today; I left work after hiring a young doctor for us to engage in shifts for me to have quality time with my young family, when I came home no one seem to be in I entered every room until I came to our master bedroom, I tiptoed and quietly opened the door to see my worst nightmare and the horror of my life; there on our matrimonial bed was my wife in ecstasy love making with a strange man with a tattooed back the noise coming from both was thunderous and was what I objected to when my wife wanted to practice it on me. I am shattered and felt betrayed!”
“What did you do my friend? That is serious!”
“What did you expect me to do? Had I reacted I would have caused double murders and it does not worth it!”
“Are you going to divorce her?”
“No! I take responsibility and would try to rehabilitate her and see what happens before I take any drastic action. I decided to give her a second chance.”
“You are an angel I know I would have caused double murders and damn the consequences! What a cheek! Damn it! Women! Who can trust them?” He chided.
“What about you, are you married and for how long?” Mbaalo asked.
“I am married and have a son of five years.” He did not want to talk about his wife and changed the subject matter. Mbaalo invited Diwane for lunch.

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Family A
 He dressed smartly and past his wife chatting with her friend Jambal.
“Where to smartly dressed, you did not tell me of any outing?” Diborr enquired.
“An old Banjul neighbourhood friend invited me for lunch and I am honouring his invitation.”
“Are you not taking me along, I am lonely Boli Biran has gone to grandma for weekend?”
Diwane hissed and frown;
“Take you to where? Do you think I was kidding when I said no more outing with you until you shed your kilos? How can a sexy, muscular guy like me be seen with an ugly, fat pig? Suit yourself and devour your food, are you not a foodholic?” He spilt the painful, callous words and left his wife embarrasses and bewildered.

“Do something before you lose your husband! These are warning signs and don’t take it lightly; look at the despise in his eyes and he is not hiding it, I cannot accuse him of cheating on you but he is not far from it if he sees a ‘sexy babe’ as he yearns for it you are no longer attractive in his eyes, men! Beware and don’t say I do not warn you; let me correct myself you are not doing it for him but for yourself you are overweight and it is not good for your health. Plan your eating habits and I can take you to my nutritionist friend who does not favour taking drugs to diet.”

“You are right it is very painful, look at how he describes me the mother of his son! He shows me no respect and nowadays snubs me when I am eating food; should I kill myself for him? I am very discouraged; will I ever be slim in my life time?”

“Do it the natural way as I’ve said you need professional help and stop worrying to death! You are not doing it for him but for yourself and to be alive for your son Boli Biran.” She encouraged her to be strong.”

At Mbaalo’ Residence
He came alone and Mbaalo was surprised:
“Why didn’t you come along with your wife, are you hiding her from me?”

He laughed aloud and said,
“Not at all you’ll know her in time, our boy is sick and admitted in hospital and we have already made the invitation and I don’t want to disappoint you my dear friend.” He lied.
“Your house is big and nice.”
“Thank you.”
He then called his wife to introduce her to his childhood friend.

The Shock of her life
 “Sweetie come and meet my childhood friend Diwane.” He then turned to Diwane and teased;
“My wife is sexy wait until you see her.”

“I am coming in a jiffy.” She answered from inside the mansion.
She came out and got startled with mixed feeling and Diwane lost control and gaped at her attractive figure.

To be Cont.

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