Seyii Tolof – Part 105 EPISODE 9 (Difficult Marriages –Forced, Arranged Child Marriage)


Amie Sillah

 He left with his girlfriend Shade after he served her breakfast in bed. Jonsi peeped until they were gone then she packed her suitcase with some clothes and ran out of the compound.

Umpa ran after her fighting for his life, he caught up with Jonsi and carry her shoulder high into the compound, he locked the gate panting and he stood her on the ground.  “Do you want me to lose my job, my life? Boss Antu will kill me and torture if you run away and is caught; he would blame me squarely for letting you escape. He is mean, callous and wicked killing both of us does not cause him blinking of the eye. Where would you run to? Do you know anybody in the city? Do you have money to survive? You’ll also put your uncle into trouble and his business and life in jeopardy; moreover there are city gangs who will hurt you; as it stands the goldfish has no place to hide; settle and marry your husband, learn to love and appreciate him is my candid advice, I’ll keep it a secret for the good of us both. Go back into the house, unpacked your suitcase so he would not know. Forget about him and concentrate on your marriage.” Umpa helped carry her suitcase back into the house.
Alone he shed emotional tears for the child bride and said;
“This small girl would kill me oh!”

Antu with Shade
He promised her heaven and earth.
“You are so sweet and I always enjoy your company and always yearn for more of you.”
“Are you sure or are you kidding me? You are very generous to me and I’ll always give you the best.”

She is a black beauty and was once a Miss Gambia, term a ‘figure 8’ she is loved and admired by the guys and is married to Antu’s business friend Abimbola or Bola who showered her with all sorts of gifts he in fact opened a fashion boutique and class saloon for her but she still want more from her boyfriend Antu who is ready to spend fortune just to have fine time with Shade.
She sometimes spend weekends with Antu giving excuses of one sort or the other of visiting her ailing parents in the small town etc. or when her husband goes out for business trips abroad.

Even though young she still knows that what these two people are engaged in is not correct even before she realized that Shade is a ‘married spinster.’
Jonsi is doing laundry behind the yard when Antu went and asked her to follow him upstairs.
“Wait until I am ready with my laundry.” She pleaded to deaf ears.
“Laundry can wait; follow me upstairs to fulfill your conjugal duties.” He just dragged her to bed and raped her over and over again.
“I have paid for your dowry and you are now mine and I can have you whenever I wish to.”
The young bride is bruised all over again and ordered to continue doing household chores. She walked with pain and Antu is embarrassed by her awkward steps.
“Why are you walking like that? Do I use a crane or saw on you? You are just exaggerating to ward me off but you’ve failed.” He fouled mouth.
“Practice makes perfect we will do it when I come back, Dalla is also coming to spa on you to stretch your muscles and joints. There is no excuse you have to perform your conjugal duties I have already paid a lot of money over your head.”

Late at Night
She slept on the floor in front of the bedroom door; he woke her up as he startled her.
Get up and enter the bedroom.” She woke up in sleep walk and grumbled of tiredness but he hissed and carried her to the bed. She screamed and begged him complaining of soreness and pain but he ignored her;
“Small bride you are now a woman who is here to oblige your husband, it is absurd you should have been in school but poverty and backward tradition subject you to this torture. What cannot be help must be endured.” Dalla advised but still empathizing with Jonsi.
Antu is not happy with Dalla as he scolded her when they were alone.

“Stop agitating my ‘native fowl’, she is my wife and I have paid a lot of money over such an inferior product; you should empathize me and not her. Don’t poison her mind against me.” He pleaded.
“I am sorry I cannot help it but I’ll try to shut up.”
“Didn’t I approach you for marriage and you turn me down? What option did you leave me with?”
“Antu let’s face it you are not a marriage material, jealous, possessive and all that; I want to be free and not be locked in failed marriage; let’s be lovers and enjoy it as it lasts; being a womanizer also I cannot bear it; when will you leave Shade for her husband your business partner?”
“Shade is sweet and the relationship is mutual. Are you jealous?” He teased her.
“Jealous! Not at all just advising a friend to be very careful as our people say ‘leave my wife for me or be responsible for whatever you see!”
Antu laughed heartily;
“Don’t mind them Antu will enjoy Shade as long as it lasts.” He bragged.

  She came in after Dalla left. Now Jonsi knows her status as a ‘married spinster’ fornicating with her husband and she nursed hatred against her.
Antu served Shade breakfast and she asked for cold water. He called Jonsi to bring her chilled water.

The Incident
As Jonsi brought in the glass of water it tumbled over and the glass crashed upon the floor into pieces. Shade went into tantrums.
“What! Look what this ‘bush girl’ has done? She crashed my chilled water!”

“Jonsi! Are you mad? How can you embarrass me in front of my guest? I’ll get the hell out of your stupid brain!”
He dragged her into the bedroom and flogged her mercilessly until bruises surfaced upon her skin as she ran screaming for help which she never got.
Shade smiled and shook her head as she enjoyed her meal.

“I don’t want to marry you again; take me home! Take me home!” She screamed.

 He yelled with callousness and chilly tone.
“It is your corpse not your living person that will be taken home wretched bush girl! Are you not happy that I took you out of the bush to gentry? Let your poor wretched parents return my dowry then you become a free person.” He bragged.

“Even though not materially rich but we were spiritually, emotionally and physically attached I loved my home until you come and poisoned my father with your ill-gotten wealth!” She fought back as Antu rushed to hit her she bolted the door.

To be Cont.