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Seyii Tolof – Part 101 EPISODE 9 (Difficult Marriages- Forced, Arranged Child Marriage)


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By Amie Sillah

Sorgi’ Home
It is a simple house but comfortable and Uncle Saul still a bachelor. His patron Boss Antouman or Antu fondly call by close friends came to visit him with his girlfriend Mambotorr a model by profession. The liquor in the house was finished and Sorgi sent his niece to buy more.  Mam developed some liking for the teenager and thought deep in her heart that she is over worked and abused but she is afraid to voice it out, Jonsi is small statute, thin, tall and lanky. She stayed long and Sorgi started to complain.
“What is keeping this stupid girl Jonsi I only hope she has not mess up.”
He went out to check on her.

 Sorgi sighted her with scolds.
“What kept you for so long just down the street?”
  “So many people where there and I was in the ‘Q’.” She shouted back.
  “Come quick!” He ordered.

He came out with Mams to see what the matter was and they saw Jonsi struggling with the heavy crate and Mams empathized with her.
“What is wrong with her to be this long?”
“Didn’t you see her struggling? The crate is too heavy for her.”
“Nonsense! Are you not spoiling her? Why is she being fed?”
“Surely this is child abuse.” Mams posited to the anger of Antu who hissed and ignored her.

She almost arrived but unfortunately tumbled down fell along with the crate which crashed upon the ground and she screamed and sobbed bitterly.
“I am very sorry it was very heavy.” She started to pick the pieces. Sorgi was enraged and bitter.

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“What’s wrong with you God forsaken child? I brought you from the bush to brush you up but you are still stubborn I can take you out of the bush but I cannot take bush out of you.” He yelled.

He was sort of words.
“She is a bush girl beat her up to teach her the lesson of her life.” Mams protested but to no avail as Sorgi sprang at his niece dragged her into the house and beat her to stupor.

“This is unacceptable! It is child abuse!” She yelled as she walked out at Antu and ran away to catch a cab to go home.”

“Mams! Are you walking out at me? Have you now grown wings eh? We shall see who is the Boss here and who is on top!” He yelled.
“Beat her up!” He instructed his friend.
“She is a bush girl don’t spare the rod!”
Sorgi flogged her to satisfaction before leaving her to go and continue her household chores.

“What sort of life is this? It is not from frying pan to the fire?” She cried her heart out.
“I am a slave here! Was it not better at my father’s house?”
“Does my uncle want me to go to school or to be his house help? We shall see, he will soon see the beast in me if he does otherwise, his promise was to take me to school that’s why I agreed to follow him to the city and not to be his maid.

At Wals Antouman House
He lives in a mansion he calls his ‘Palace’ as he enjoys his meal his thugs brought in Mams who protested.

What have I done to you to be treated as a common criminal? Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” She protested.

He made a sinister laughter and said;
“Didn’t I tell you? There is no hiding place for a goldfish and moreover, I am the Don and nothing happen in town without my knowledge.”

 “What have I done to you let me go?” She protested further.

He again gave a sinister laughter and signaled his thugs to take her to his Guard room.
“Take her away!” He yelled; “I’ll deal with her myself.” Mams a Beauty Queen and Model protested and felt humiliated and abused.
“You’ll not get away with this!” She yelled.
He ate his fill and went back to her.
Mams got up and he said to her;
“I am here, I’ve come for you.” He took out his felt and lashed Mams who struggled but to no avail he then forced himself onto her and raped her. She cried and protested but to not avail.
“I am teaching you the lesson of your life never to again walk out at the Boss of the Vigilante Group; I am the Don and I am above the Law in fact I am the Law. I could have kill you here if I want and nothing will come out of it, I can as well frame up and you’ll rot in jail so you better succumb and live your bloody, stupid life. You are a spy for our rival group and all your atrocities have been recorded and I can always use it against you whenever I deem fit.”

“I don’t love you again is it by force? You can’t frame me up I rather die than to continue our love life or to marry you. You are a beast, an animal, a blood thirty killer!” She yelled.
He took energizer pills and kept raping her all the more.
“Whenever I need you my thugs will come for you and I’ll rape you, you can never hide away from me and any boyfriend you have will be harassed and frustrated to leave you.” He threatened.
She was detained for days repeatedly raped and he silenced her not to disclose her ordeal to anyone not even her close family members.

At Sorgi’ House
Antouman visited Sorgi’ house and Jonsi came to serve him with drinks and he started to lush over her as Sorgi came into the sitting room.

Jonsi! Have you finished cooking lunch we are famished.”
Before she could reply Antouman took it up.

“I am not in a hurry and can stay all day long, am I not my own boss?” Then he whispered into his ear.

 He is surprised and asked;
“Are you sure about it? Are you real?”
  To be Cont.

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