Sunday, December 5, 2021

Senghore Harps On Genuine Representation


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By: Kebba Mamburay

Bubacarr Senghore, another Independent candidate vying for the Mayoral seat of the Kanifing Municipality, said he is a social worker and has been engaged in politics and developmental work for over forty years and is a co-founder of many local NGO’s.

Senghore said he was the vice chairperson for KMC in 2002 and served as an activist for many years. Senghore said he has traveled within and outside Africa, to work towards reducing poverty and closing the gap between the haves and the have not.

Senghore said he wants to rectify all that has transpired within the forty years which is one of the reasons why he is vying for the mayoral position. He said he had been in touch with different people and has never disconnected himself from the community and people, so as to establish the necessary structures on the ground; that his ideas and campaign slogan should be supported by everyone. He added that he can provide the necessary services in terms of development and portable water to the people, when elected.

On the issue of waste collection, Senghore said this has been an obstacle to development. He talked about unity under one umbrella with good orientation and aspirations. He further said the local government is important because it is where the power of the people lies; that people have to manifest themselves that development belongs to them and to know that their hard-earned money should be best utilized for their development. ‘‘People should fully participate in these elections. Without their participation, they are not exercising their democratic rights. People should look for the right candidate who is competent and responsible, to run their public Offices for them and to do away with partisan representation,’’ he said. He said representatives should deliver to the expectation of the electorate.

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Senghore added that it is important for people to participate in this coming election because there is no representation without contribution; that if people contribute, there will be development and there will be nobody to blame if people choose wisely because most of the decisions will come from them. Senghore said he believes this local government election is the turning point as far as the politics of this country is concerned; that hence a transitional government is here to serve the people of this country up to 2021.

He said Council should be neutral and should not be politicized; that this is to make sure that people vote for independent-minded people like him, to govern their affairs.

Senghore further added that he will put up the necessary structures and make sure the people are involved in running their own affairs of development; that this is what we call local government because decisions should be coming from the grass root level to the higher authorities.

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