Senegal’s President-elect Faye calls for reconciliation, peace


By Biran Gaye

Senegal’s President-elect has in his first victory speech called for national reconciliation and the reconstruction of the bases of their peaceful co-existence in his first victory speech.  

Bassirou Diomaye Faye, 44, appealed for serenity and concerted efforts for the national cause on Monday following the March 24 presidential election.

“The 2024 presidential election victory is for the people of Senegal, who relentlessly demanded the vote to take place, and proceeded to elect their leader peacefully,” the composed newly-elected president said at a press briefing at Radison Hotel.

“I am grateful that they elected me as president, a verdict which I believe would bring hope and development to the Senegalese.”

The ex-pastef secretary general renewed his commitment to strengthen and preserve Senegal’s ‘peace and unity – the greatest assets’ of the West African country.

With the presidential election preceded by a “pre-electoral crisis which cost lives, left many injured but also a significant number of prisoners”, President-elect Faye sets about ushering a new dawn “to reconcile hearts, reconcile the Senegalese and tirelessly get to work”.

Ousmane Sonko’s understudy, Diomaye, intends a ‘reformation of institutions’ and “the significant reduction in the cost of living” in Senegal, reiterating his promise to ‘fight against corruption’.

Concluding his speech, he stated his desire to initiate “inclusive, sectoral national consultations on the evaluation and relaunch of public policies” as he expressed gratitude to his outspoken mentor, Ousmane Sonko.