Amadou Ba concedes, congratulates Bassirou Diomaye Faye


By Biran Gaye

[Dakar, 25th March 2025]

The candidate of Benno Bokk Yakaar has conceded defeat and congratulated Bassirou Diomaye on his election as President Elect of the Republic of Senegal following yesterday’s vote.

Former prime minister under Macky Sall’s presidency, Amadou Ba, in a press briefing, admitted the verdict of the Senegalese people as he praised the peaceful conduct of the presidential election.

“In view of the trends in the results of the presidential election and while awaiting the official proclamation, I congratulate President Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar Faye for his victory in the first round,” the ruling coalition candidate said in a press briefing at the Alliance for the Republic headquarter in Mermoz.

“The Senegalese have spoken and elected their leader.”

The Alliance for the Republic (APR) candidate wished provisional polls winner Diomaye Faye, who is the first Senegalese opposition to achieve this feat in the first round, success and development.

He added: “I pray to the Almighty to grant him the energy and strength necessary to assume this high office at the head of our country. I wish him much success and success for the well-being of the Senegalese people.”

The Benno Book Yakaar candidate lauded the electorate for the political maturity displayed, renewing their sense of democratic values and adherence to the rule of law.

Describing the polls as ‘transparent’, the former prime minister commended President Macky Sall for endorsing him as his coalition candidate, acknowledging the proper organisation of the election by electoral institutions.

In a recent tweet, president Macky Sall congratulated Diomaye Faye.

“I salute the smooth running of the presidential election of March 24, 2024 and congratulate the winner, Mr. Bassirou Diomaye Faye, who the trends show as the winner. It is the victory of Senegalese democracy,” Sall said on X formerly called Twitter.

Other presidential candidates, excluding Khalifa Sall, have already congratulated the president-elect Faye on his victory.