The president of Senegal was elected for a five-year term in 2019 when the term was changed from seven years to five years. It is the view of many Senegalese that his term will end in 2024. However, many also believe that the president of Senegal intends to stay and seek office for the third time. It has become a matter of debate in the Senegalese media whether the president will seek the third term or not. The president has demonstrated an iron fist in preventing any member of his party from participating in such discussion.

In order to maintain peace in Senegal dialogue among the political stakeholders should begin now in order to prevent confrontation between the ruling party and the opposition before the presidential election.

Senegal is a country that has never experienced a coup d’état. Conflict in its southern border has intensified since 1983 and it is rife now but it has to be confined to that area. The multiparty system in Senegal has given rise to four different presidents. It is hoped that the current president of Senegal would see the need to maintain the legacy of democratic constitutional rule.

We will therefore continue to follow the political momentum to find out what efforts are made to solve the crisis in Casamance and prevent crisis from breaking out in the northern part of Senegal.