Security Officers Order Shopkeepers at Gunjur Beach to Close By 2 PM


By Hatab Nyang / Louise Jobe

The Covid-19 Security Task Force has ordered shopkeepers at Gunjur beach to begin work at 6am in the morning and close at 2pm in the afternoon, in order to minimize the spread of the corona virus.

This instruction came after the Golden Lead Fishmeal Factory re-commenced work at their factory on Thursday, April 9th 2020.

PIU officers ¨were seen on Thursday going round and telling shopkeepers at the Gunjur beach to open at 6 am and close by 2 pm in a bid to enforce the proclamation made by Adama Barrow.

Isatou Suwareh a shopkeeper at the Gunjur fish landing site said if such a situation goes on for long, she will not be able to feed her family. She added that although it is a good thing to stop people from gathering in public so that the virus would not be spread, she does not know why the Golden Lead Factory where hundreds of people gather and work have been allowed to re-commence operations.

One Mauritanian shopkeeper said PIU officers told him to open at 6 in the morning and close at 2 in the afternoon; that this is very difficult for them because he feeds his family from the daily income he earns from the business.

Many concerned fishermen complained that the Police asked shops and restaurant owners to close at 2 pm. They said the situation is difficult for them because they will not have anywhere to buy food if the shops at the beach close early in the afternoon.