Security Officers among 14 Apprehended in Major Drug Bust


By Nelson Manneh

Over the weekend, Mr. OusmanSaidyba, the spokesperson for the Drug Law Enforcement Agency – The Gambia, revealed to this publication a significant breakthrough in the fight against illicit drugs. Fourteen individuals have been apprehended, including two security officers, one from the police force and the other from the military.
“The apprehension occurred on Thursday, April 25th, 2024, at the outskirts of Jalokoto village,” Saidyba disclosed. “Among those detained were two Bissau Guinean nationals, purportedly music promoters, found jointly in possession of 13 bundles and 1 wrap of cannabis sativa.”
Saidyba outlined the demographic breakdown of those arrested, indicating that while ten were Gambians, and two were from Bissau Guinea, with one from Senegal and the other from Sierra Leone. Notably, all suspects were adult males.

“The seized contraband includes Cannabis Sativa, Skunk, Cannabis Resin (Hashish), and even Cocaine,” Saidybah elaborated. “This represents a significant dent in the illicit drug trade, with locations of arrests spanning various regions, including West Coast, Kanifing Municipality, Central River Region South and Upper River Region.”
The occupations of the suspects ranged from electricians to music promoters, students, masons, courier officers, and even personnel from The Gambia Police Force and The Gambia Armed Forces.
This latest operation underscores the ongoing battle against narcotics, with law enforcement agencies maintaining vigilance to curb drug-related activities and safeguard communities.