“Sawhorr ak Domm Juu Bonn!” Part 2 (Wickedness and the Criminal Child)


By Amie Sillah Sugar Daddy Uncle Jeggan He continued to follow Adamatou but she ignored him but to no avail.A1 “Come into my world Adama! Be my concubine or mistress and I’ll change your world and transform you into a ‘big girl’ in the affluent world and you’ll wield influence upon your peers and will dine and wine with the rich and mighty, the VIP of society.” Adamatou “I don’t want to be a ‘big girl’ I want to remain just as I am; a person at the bottom fears no fall, let me be, go to your innocent, faithful wife and respect your marriage vows,” She chided him. Sugar Daddy Jeggan “I don’t care about what you say or do but I want you and must have you for myself.” Adamatou hissed and walked away. Oulaimatou She found Uncle Jeggan at his car door and she insulted him. “You shameless old hag! What do you have with my sister, old enough to be your daughter? Go to your faithful, innocent wife and respect your marriage vows if not I’ll harm you here, mark my words, I am not mincing it! Get lost and now!” She yelled. Uncle Jegs Hissed, got into his jeep and drove away without uttering a word to Oulaye. Oulaimatou She went straight and confronted her sister with insults and name calling. “What are you still doing with this stupid hog of a man old enough to be your father? I’ll destroy him if I ever meet him here again, mark my words!” She yelled. Adamatou “Who are you yelling and threatening, are you the elder of the family? What is your contribution towards the family welfare? Go to hell and rot there, I don’t need your threats because you are not doing anything for us, you are here only for yourself.” Oulaimatou “Just try me and see what I can do?” Admittance Nene is again admitted, a second time in the month; her ailment is due to stress and is poverty related. Adamatou started to jump from one place to another in search of support. She waited for Oulaimatou and asked her to help. Oulaimatou “I have nothing my taxi is just from the mechanics; are you not the eldest daughter and mom’s favourite, I cannot advise you because you are the eldest, now foot Nene’s bill, I have nothing to contribute.” Adamatou “Oulaye you are wicked; is Nene not the mother who nurtured you in her womb for nine months, continue to breastfeed you for 2 years, then continue her maternal support up to this age? Our father’s people rejected us because we are girls but Nene moves on with us under thick and thin, change your way before it is too late.” Oulaimatou She yelled at her sister. “You are a witch! How do you always want me to look bad, the criminal sister?” She emptied her purse and took out D500. “This is what I have, take it or leave it!” Adamatou “The bill is D5000 and you can contribute only D500! You are very mean.” Oulaimatou “Give it back to me if you don’t need it and I’ll use it to buy gasoil.” Adamatou “‘Saagarri mbahana moo gaine bopinene’” (half a loaf is better than nothing.) I’ll take it but that will not prevent me calling you mean and stingy.” Oulaimatou “Whatever and please don’t ask me for money for a very long time because even if you do expect nothing from me. You people should stop asking me for some money I am not a bank.” Alhajj Yerro He is an architect and also into business of importing building materials he is going for an interview with the Major Tender Board. His transport got a breakdown at the middle of the jungle, what was he to do? The interview was to be by the end of the day. He stopped many transports but to no avail; it is a dangerous spot where many fatal armed robberies have taken place the reason for transports not stopping for any reason whatsoever. He is desperate and would pay anything to be taken to his destination. Adamatou She passed and refused to stop but as Alhajj persisted her heart softened and she stopped; he could not believe that someone stopped after waving for almost 4 hours; he sighed heavily and rushed to meet the driver. He thought it was a he but on the whole a she was driving the keke which makes it quite interesting and amusing, he smiled at her. Alhajj “On the whole it is a she driving a ‘keke’, quite interesting! Back to business, my sister, I stood here for almost about 4 hours trying to get a cab or a lift but to no avail, I can understand the history of the spot is not amusing, but all the same you are a gem in the midst of the multitude, you are kind and you have conscience, as you can see my transport got some mechanical problems and I have already alerted my mechanic who is yet to come; he cannot fix it today and I am almost late for an interview at Basse; can you take me to and fro back to my office at the Kombos when I’m done with the interview?” Adamatou She thought hard looked at Alhajj’s desperate situation and said. “Okay, hop in I’ll take you.” Alhajj Yerro could not believe it! “Thank you and name any price and I’ll pay without bargain.” Adamatou “Wait until the deal is done and I’ll tell you price.” Alhajj “Are you married or do you have children?” Adamatou “No! I am not married and I don’t have children.” Alhajj “I am also not married and have no children and in that respect we are the same.” Adamatou She refused to open up as Alhajj pressurized and she refuse to yield; she feared to open up to strangers and does not want to appear cheap to men. At the Destination They reached their destination and Alhajj submitted his papers and they returned the same day. At the Office They reached and Alhajj asked her in but she declined and remained in her ‘keke’. Alhajj “You don’t want to get into the office and I’ll not force you, but tell me how much I should pay?” Adamatou “D4000 is okay sir!” Alhajj “I’ double it to D8000 after all the inconvenience I’ve caused you.” Adamatou “D4000 is more than enough, nothing more and nothing less, you have already made my day, I’ve never received this much money a day.” Alhajj “The other D4000 is a gift from me; don’t reject it to embarrass me please!” But she rejected it and drove away. Yerro stood for quite a while reflecting. “Look at stupid me I didn’t even take her number, where can I see her again? But she is in the traffic I’ll find her as she is someone worth being acquainted to.” To be Cont.  ]]>