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GRADE 1    CLEANERS  –    11,938 DALASI PER ANNUM  –   995 Yaya JammehDALASI PER MONTH GRADE 12  DIRECTORS – 74000 DALASIS  PER ANNUM –  6166 DALASIS  A MONTH It is claimed that many people had predicted that the government would not be able to pay salaries if it maintained power after the coup.  Those who made such a claim may not have known how his government is run. No government will ever be unable to pay salaries. What governments could be accused of is inability to significantly increase public sector employment and salaries of public servants or pay pensioners their full pension. For 20 years public servants could not go beyond the following pay scale Grade 1-D995 per month; Grade 2-1185 Dalasis per month; Grade 3 1266; Grade 4-D1416; Grade 5-D2268 Dalasis per month; Grade 6-D 2596 Dalasis per month; Grade 7-D2844 dalasis per month; Grade 8-d3438 Dalasis per month; Grade 9-D4069 dalasis per month; Grade 10-D4702 dalasis per month; Grade 11-D5511 dalasis per month and Grade 12-D6212 dalasis per month. In the face of skyrocketing prices and stagnant salaries, how could quality of life of the people improve?    ]]>

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NAWEC PRO comments on the power outages and lack of water supply

By: Kebba AF Touray When contacted to shed light on the issue of erratic water and electricity supply, NAWEC’s PRO,...
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