SaayiiTolof Part 223 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Doom JuGorr – Male Child Factor)


He went with Degou and Dego to visit the lunatics at the backyard they first visited Jacob (Hassan) and he prayed for him and sprinkle Holy Water upon him and left for Esau (Hussein) and did the same; the last port of call was Contan (Comics-Omadi) and the same ritual was performed on him. Then Pastor went inside with the two women back to Mama.

As Pastor and the duo tried to give Mama more strength the brothers entered the house and Dego exclaimed,
“Mama your children are healed and look at your chaats Hassan and Hussein!”
They went straight to them wondering what was happening.
“Why are we here?” The twins asked.

  “Mama what is happening? Why are we here?”
Pastor raised his hands and prayed to God;
“It has happened faith healing all praises should go to the Lord.” He said.
“It is a long story and you’ll be well informed.”
He spoke in parables and let Mama do the rest.

 She called her children and gave them advice;
“Work as a family and help each other pray together and always do what is right before God and man. Pastor, Dego and Degou will explain the essence of the story to you so as to enable you learn its lesson I was deceived to falter by a close pal whom I believe but all was in the past I have accepted Christ as my Lord and savior.” Her tongue blurred and she passed on.
“Mama!”Dego and Degou yelled followed by the boys. Pastor praised the Lord and counseled them.
“Praise the Lord! She has already repented and took the Lord as his savior it is okay.”

Reconciliation Talk
 Pastor called for a family meeting with all the sisters and the wives present. He asked them to take Mama’ wise counseling before she passed on;
“Learn from the lesson of her mistake in giving her life to be decided by an evil friend with an agenda, have trust in the Lord as master and savior and also keep God – fearing friends who will not make you go astray also some of you are more blessed as the other therefore share and help each other as Mama’ last wish.” They concurred and promised to be there for each other.
Pastor singularly picked Degou out of the lot;
“She is the ‘virtuous woman’ in the Bible as she never forsake her husband Jacob (Hassan) and his family she stayed to the last person standing. We salute you our Honour you are a role model for all human beings especially women as the Bible said marriage is for better for worse, in health and sickness until God do you part.” Jacob kissed her and the others salute her she was thrilled and very happy as she shed emotional tears with the other sisters.
“Your brother Omadi (Comics-Contan) is the head of the boys but Dego is the eldest sister who should be honoured and respected as dad always advised she is the family cornerstone always with it in tragedy as well as in happiness every other person left but she stood to the end both parents blessed you as well as the Lord keep on your leadership role it was very impressive.” The others salute her as well and they all left on a high note.

 He went back to his house and found it empty the security was surprised to see his boss healthy and sound again as he praised Allah.
“Musa! Where is everybody why an empty house?” He asked.

Ragal Story
 “Madam’ sister from Germany came for them it was emotional she left with your daughter Magal (Marjorie) with a heavy heart.” Omadi as well as Musa shed emotional tears.
He entered his house and saw Ragal Angel’ letter.

The letter
 “I did not leave you I’ll come back but Magal has her life too which should not be sacrificed because of your illness you are in better hands Dego, Degou and Mama will take good care of you. I am very sorry but in Allah’ name all will be well again.”
“God help me be with my family again I love them and it is in the best interest of our daughter that Angel left.” Omadi posited.

At Omadi’ Office
He visited his office and met Ansumana at his desk as he greeted him he jerked from his seat and fumbled with his words;
“Omadi! You are well again? Allah be praised for your speedy recovery.”
“Thank you I am well, healthy and hearty again! God be praised! Where is Boss Chair?”
“He has retired and is in his home I believe.”
As soon as he left he panicked;
“Back again but I’ll be dammed to let him settle Boss Chair loves him but he dares not threaten my position I can kill you know.” He posited.

At Boss Chair’ Home
He was very surprised to see him strong, healthy and hearty again; he examined him with cheerfulness;
“My boy you are strong, healthy and hearty again! How is your family? I am very happy for you I waited, waited and waited before I gave your position away but all the same you are back upon your feet and Allah be praised for that. Your post is given to Ansu but I’ll pay all your entitlements which will help you create your own company you have the stamina and the knowledge to succeed in life come here and let me bless you.” He came and Boss Chair blessed him.

His New Company
   With his healthy savings and paid entitlements he was able to set up a new Clearing and Forwarding Company Oma Angel and Heirs which grew rapidly and became a major company employing up to thousand employees all over the country.

He meets His Sister- in -law
 She was surprised to see Omadi as she exclaimed;
“Oma! Are you the one?”
“Yes I am strong, healthy and hearty. Where have you taken my wife and daughter? I want to reunite with them now!”

She confessed;
 “I advised my sister to take her daughter to Germany where I secured a place for her in school as my ward she did not want to go to leave you behind but I insisted and called you all sorts of names until she left. I am very sorry for that but all was done for your daughter’ sake now she has done very well and has secured a scholarship for boarding school.”
She thought Oma will be mad at her but he instead gave her a big hug;
“You have done the right thing for MagalRagal Angel staying behind could not have made me well at the time the healing was a process I was taking psychiatric medicine as well as the faith healing which completed our total cure. Thank you but now give me their address I want my family home and also let’s go to a restaurant and let me treat you well.” She did exactly that.
To be Cont.