Saayii Tolof – Tolof – Part 177 EPISODE 14 (Difficult Marriages: Nyaaka Wahtaan Chi Birr Saaye)


Sleeps at the Sitting Room
Worsack slept at the sitting room settee away from his wife whom he now detests with passion.
Daygou came out of the room and found her husband sleeping at the setee and she also saw his dinner at the dining table, she woke him up;

“Why did you leave the bedroom and you have not also eaten your food?”
Worsack got up and hissed.
“Why can’t I be left alone? You talk too much.”
“Sleep and good night.” She left dejected as she took his belongings back to the room. Before she left she saw his cell phone on the floor and decided to pick it up and asked,
“Can I take your phone to the room?”
He eye picked her and remain mute,
“Okay.” Then she left for her room. He hissed and frowned.

At the Kitchen
She went to talk to Madam Jane (Yaaye Labirr) at the kitchen and she was surprised,
“I am very observant all is not well with you.”
“Who told you?” Day asked.
“That’s how it started with me, I lost my mind then my marriage and my life purpose.”
Day sobbed bitterly and Yaaye counseled her.
“What is wrong with me? Is it my fault? What am I doing wrong?”
“You have to examine your life again, don’t cry. What I noticed is that you are too consumed in sorrow, you don’t look sexy in his eyes anymore. There is fear of the unknown in your eyes which are empty of liveliness. You look like a corpse for the graveyard, I am very confused, is it the death of your mom some five years ago? Or that you cannot conceive since the birth of Magal some 12 years ago? You’ll be fine don’t give up life, the will of God will be done.”
“How can I save my marriage Yaaye? What date is it today?” She tried to change the topic which left Yaaye more confused.
    “You cannot even tell the date? That is serious my daughter.
I am a mother to you since you lost your mom some five years ago. This is how it starts, I am talking from experience. When I was newly married I took my husband for granted, I left myself to be advised by some unscrupulous friends who were undermining me by flirting with my husband while I concentrated on my hotel work. By the time I realised it, it was too late when I caught my so called ‘best friend’ in bed with my husband. I could not take it, I confronted both of them. As our people say ‘dry eye cover shame’. She came out plain and said she was a frustrated spinster and when she saw the chance of winning my husband’s heart she grabbed the opportunity and as for my husband he eloped with her and they got married in a neighbouring country.
Since then I’ve learnt a bitter lesson and if I ever have the chance again I’ll do better, my advice is take your time and serve your husband.”
“Thank you Yaaye I’ll take heed.”

 Husband Office
Daamel visited Worsack’s office and protested,
“What have I done wrong? I came out to join you in the dining and you were gone!” She posited.
“I am a most married unmarried man, I ran for my sake, I am very vulnerable. My wife is very different from you, you are very sexy while she is very dull.”
“Don’t treat yourself very bad, you need help and I am just here to do that, don’t shut me out. I can talk to her and I can make her my friend.”
“Smart move! Talk to her, make her your friend, when her husband is in love with you? She is shabby in dressing but she is not dumb and stupid, she is an accountant you know.”
“I am very sorry I never thought she was that educated. Then why should she allow such an elegant husband to slip away her hands?”
As Worsack got up to kiss her she left and bluffed him.
“You have to apologize in a special way.” She gave a coy laughter.

At the Pub
She wore a sexy outfit and she performed with excellence when she saw Worsack who was mesmerized and consumed in lust. She danced for him as well as other patronizing customers.
After the show the duo left for Daamel’s house and they had fun. He suddenly woke up and saw the time, he woke D.K up.
“Sweetie I have to go home, it is very late.”
“It is very late, stay.”
“Stay! What will I tell my wife?”
“No! No! I have to leave until another time.” He rushed for home and D.K became very sad.

At His Home
Worsack came quite drunk and staggering which surprised the security Dave Sorgi who held his head.
“Which is happening to Boss? Since I worked here for the past 10 years I’ve never seen him drunk not to say drunk to stupor and also look at the late hour that he came home!”
He staggered, opened the door and went to his room, Daygou woke up as soon as he entered the bedroom drunk and staggering and she enquired,
“Wor you are drunk! And you are late to come, is everything right for you?”
“Everything is not right for me and I’ll tell you my mind, I don’t love you again, I want a divorce, a divorce and now!”
“Okay you cannot think straight right now you are drunk, lay flat and let me help you undress and we shall discuss tomorrow when you are sober.”

At the Kitchen
She came to prepare breakfast for her husband which she has not done for the past 5 years, she served him cooked food but not prepared it for him. This amused Yaaye and she praised her,
“I am very happy that you have heeded my advice, our people say make hay while the sun shines, I am very happy for you my daughter. Keep it up I am very much beside you.” She hugged and kissed her.
To be Cont.