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Saayii Tolof Part 500 EPISODE 34 (Difficult Marriages – Two Great Friends ‘Yaafuse’ Careless and ‘Faagaru’ Careful)

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Sonia Sethol
“Is there a problem? The voice cracks.”

“Yaafuse fought me because of you he said I stole you from him so he threw me out of his home now I am out in the street trying to work out my way.”

“Okay darling stay where you are I am coming right for you.”

At the Motel
She took a room for him;
“Stay here while we sort out ourselves. You did nothing wrong it is his fault didn’t he dumped me and you took me? Can he get back what he rejected foolish man?”

“Sonia! Is this not a waste of money? Let me go back to the village to my mother.”

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“Am I complaining? Stay here until we sort ourselves out please moreover, Maama will be scared when she sees your wounds as any other mother I am surprised at Yaafuse.”

At the Chief’ Detention Camp
Yaafuse visited his former friend in detention and mocked at him;
He took out a hard drink took some and handed him the bottle;
“Take some my friend.” Faagaru ignored him and said;
“Why are you doing this to me? Has it gone to this? You dumped and now behaving as if I was responsible of snatching her from you are you not living a lie?”

“The truth is you have snatched her from me I have worked on Sonia for a year tell me how can I waste my time and energy for nothing Faagaru you have touched the tail of a tiger! Give me back my wife and I’ll let you go.”

The Assassins
They wanted to torture him again but he stopped them;
“Don’t torture him any more I’ll handle him my own way.”
Then he got up and told the torturers;
“Untie him let him go.”

The Thugs
They kidnapped Faagaru again and took him to another Detention Camp in the neighbourhood.

She went to the motel and took food for Faagaru she rang but his phone was not taken then she tipped the receptionist some cash and left.

At the Torture Centre
Yaafuse came again and said;
“Why are you stubborn? Let’ settle it amicably leave Sonia for me let’ do it as bros.”

“Are you not being idiotic here what are we going to settle?

The Assassin
He put a gun at his temple and threatened to shoot.
“Let me blow off his brains here and then.” He said.

“Don’t do it.” He appealed.

“Then leave my Sonia remember all what I’ve done for you.”

At the Village
Maama is worried;
“Where is my son?” He asked.

She came and asked;
“Maama! Faagaru has not yet come? What is holding him back?”

“My son is in trouble this is not him not calling for the whole day?”

“Nothing to worry let me call him.”
She called but no answer Labir panicked but hid it from Maama;
“it’ okay we’ll find a way just relax Maama I’ll handle it.”

At Yaafuse House
She waited at the mansion for a while Yaafuse left her there.

He came and Chief was very angry with his attitude the innocent girl he apologize to his father;
“I am very sorry dad I was on another important assignment.”

“But you have an appointment with Anger and should have honoured it.”

“Now my least concern is on relationship.”

“You are mad and crazy.” He said with sarcasm.

“I am in love with Sonia.”

“You have to see a doctor.” He said with more sarcasm.

She is on the phone continuously Teelu her sister is concern and said;
“Who are you calling?”

“My friend.”

“What’ wrong with her?” Teelu asked.

“It’ a him,” Sonia answered.

“A him? Have you not learned your lesson after your last experience are we out for another heart break?”

“Teelu! Are you praying that for me?”

“I am not sister I am just cautioning you to be extremely careful.”        `

At the Mansion
“How can you marry Sonia when you rejected her as a cripple? Is that not opportunism? And you also lied about your identity.”

“That was but not any more now let’ look forward how can you help me achieve my goal let’ put our heads together. Sonia is the daughter of the king maker billionaire who would greatly be a plus in our Local Government Area he is late and Sonia is the Heiress to the Conglomerate.”

“I know him but he was very class conscious always mingling with his associates ‘Equals with Equals’. But how can I go about it? Where is the entry point?”

Madame Eliza
“Yaafuse is correct what was has past let us now be focus to get our goal.”
To be Cont.                 

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