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Saayii Tolof Part 482 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)

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Jeim Eteh
He returned back to the village.

Doilu was helping her mother to cook when she saw Jeim Eteh aligned from the taxi;
“maama look at your son aligning from the taxi he return early O!”

Maama Goom
“You are right my son you returned early was everything successful?”

Jeim Eteh
“it was successful that what is only left is a little paper that I need from Chief for character recommendation all other credentials have been accepted.”
He took out a fat envelope and gave it to Maama;
“Yaatu gave you this to help in the fish money.”
He took out a smaller one and gave it to Doilu;
“This is for your lunch Yaatu said he wants you graduate with high grades.”
The duo counted and exclaimed;
“D10, 000. 00 again the Lord is using this boy to bless us he will never lack he is like a Saint to us.”
“D5000. 00! He is great I’ll use it to buy the materials for my project God will bless him for us.”

Maama Goom
“Go now before your uncle take his snap if he does you’ll not see him until the following day. May God soften his heart I never trust him he is wicked to us with a passion.”

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Jeim Eteh
“It will be fine mom this is just a small matter he would not mind. From Chief I would not come back to the house but go straight to the city good bye mom just pray for me I’ll pull the family out of poverty and penury.”
The family prayed for him and he left in high spirit.

At Chief Castle
He found him at his pavilion in the family garden;
Jeim Eteh greeted him and he asked him to take a seat;
“Yes my nephew what can I do for you?”

Jeim Eteh
He stooped before him and showed him his credentials;
“I applied for a job as a petro-chemical Engineer since I am from this village I need you to append your signature to vouch for my character before I can get this job it is an essential requirement.”

“That is not a problem give me the paper.”
He took the paper and wrote something in secret not known to Jeim Eteh. He then gave it to him and said;
“It’ okay God be with you go in peace.”
Jeim Eteh left him for the city and submit his letter to the office and waited for his turn to answer.

Jeim Eteh
The secretary called him when it was his turn with the sign of the cross he entered in anxiety.

He asked him to take a seat and took the paper from him;

The Letter
“He is a thief, a crooked of despicable character he runs a notorious gang of thieves who terrorizes the village he is not fit for the job. Thank you.
Signed: Chief Sohoor”

The Manager
He raised his head and looked Jeim Eteh right into his face he became shaky and said to himself;
“What has Chief written to make Manager look at me with scorn in his face?” He contemplated.
Manager threw the letter at his face and showed him the door he yelled;
“Get out you Cheat never to show your face again!”
As Jeim Eteh hesitated to leave Manager called the security;
“Get him out of my office, the premises and now!”
Security pushed him out of the premises.

At Chief’ Castle
Elders came to grace Buge’ Fixing Date for the wedding ceremony it would be a dual celebration Traditional and Church Pa Tapy sang praises to Chief and his ancestry whom he said were warriors (Jambarrs) Chief smiled with amusement he gets excited when Pa Tapy sang such praises he called his security to  bring his brief case he opened and showered him with new high case notes.
A date was fixed for the ‘Big Day’.

Jeim Eteh
He went back to Yaatu’ residence and was very moody which surprised the security Jeim Eteh greeted him and enquired whether Yaatu was in;

Security Ensa
“Boss is not yet back from work but you can wait for him as usual thank you.”
Jeim Eteh passed him and went to the house.
“Why mood swing? Boss’ bro no fine at all today.” Ensa remark.
Jeim Eteh
He felt devastated, dejected and sad;
“No God why should Chief treat me as such? What has he written to make Manager hate me with  passion? What have I done to him? Why this hatred? Is he really my blood uncle?” He wept bitterly drank cold water and waited for Yaatu.

He came from work and found his cousin seated at his parlour dejected and sad.
“What is it how does it go?”

Jeim Eteh
“Bad news! I don’t know what uncle wrote that made the Manager mad at me? He threw me out and swore never to see my face again around his premises, bro I almost died.” He gave him the letter.

He read the awful letter and exclaimed;
“What! How can my dad write such an awful letter full of lies and deceit? I swear he will be paid in his own coin disgusting! But all is not lost we will write other applications and you’ll use my city address.” He got up and hugged his cousin.
“I’ll confront him no matter what when I attend Buge’ Traditional Wedding.”

At the Village
Yaatu dropped Jeim Eteh at his house and said;
“Greet my aunt and cousin I have to move quickly before my dad’ spies see me to tell him good bye and good luck.”
To be Cont.

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