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Saayii Tolof Part 480 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)

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He text Jeim Eteh;
“Prepare for the city journey have you collected your money from Money Gram? If you do come tomorrow with hard copy of your C.V and everything about you see you in the city soon.”

Jeim Eteh
He got up and Maama and Doilu asked;
“What is it? Are you not eating? Are you sick or what? Is the food not sweet?” The duo asked.
“Nothing like that my people Yaatu rang said I have to go to the city tomorrow.”

Maama Goom
Maama and Doilu danced for progress and prosperity for their family through Jeim Eteh;
“He is my son and I know the intention he has for this family if he is bless he will bless us as well.”

Jeim Eteh
He went into his room and opened his ‘condane’ (saving box) box and counted D10, 000. 00 dalasi he exclaimed;
“I did not do bad D10, 000. 00 is good money it is a success.” He danced.

Maama Goom
Jeim showed her his saving and she exclaimed;
“This is good money and you did well for yourself despite sharing all your earnings with the family.” She prayed over the money and blessed it and also prayed for her son’ progress and prosperity. Jeim Eteh left for the city.

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At Chief Sohoor’ Castle
Taaru is enjoying the favourite wife’ position she is massaging Chief with sweet romantic words and he is reciprocating and enjoying the fun the maidens gossiped about them.

The Maidens
“The couple  like romancing all the time Chief does not want lady Taaru to be away from him and she also enjoys it do you know since they were wedded Taaru stayed at Chief’ room especially when the couple came from their honeymoon in Dubai but Taaru is a beauty who cannot share her husband with anyone. I support her I would have done the same if I have the chance.” Satou said.

“Men! Is that fair? I pity Maama Baah she is like a saint, calm and generous she was Chief first wife when he was penniless and she has born him intellectual children a Manager, Physical Planner and a Barrister Taaru is not more beautiful than Maama who do not boost of her natural beauty with no bleaching and mascarade. But God is not asleep but wide awake he will judge between Chief, Taaru and Maama. This is what the Activists call ‘woman to woman violence’ if all sisters give solidarity to each other the men would behave.”

“That is the problem women would not do it they bluff over it and in fact encourage it I was told a story that a man abandoned his first wife for seven years during the period he got sick and the second wife threw him out with the pretext that she was too busy to care for a sick man the man went back to his first wife who took good care of him he apologized and promised he would divorce the second wife and described her as a Jezebel that he was under a spell when he fully recovered he waited until the first wife went to work he went back to the second wife and pretended nothing ever happen in fact he bought her a posh car.
The first family was shattered the eldest son swore never to speak to his dad again the other siblings were divided two of them decided to speak to their father on the pretext that he is under the spell of the second wife the chaat (last born) agreed with the first son and described her dad as a wicked human being; the man died and the mourning ritual has been done in the two homes the second wife being pompous said she would never go to the first wife’ home that the first wife should come to her home because the man was living with her. The first wife refused and stayed at her matrimonial home. The family was divided some went to the first wife and others went to the second wife and others decided to visit both and remain neutral. That is our African men for you.”

“Polygamy is here to stay in Africa the eligible men are few the many are unemployed or underemployed here it is the family members who travelled abroad who take care of them on behalf of their relatives that is the situation but polygamists can play the game fairly you cannot share your heart but hide it and when it comes to material things apply equity is my advice to them may God make Maama strong to bear the challenge but it is very difficult because Taaru is rude and conceited.”

At Chief’ Chamber
Maama Goom came to sleep and found Taaru there and she protested;
“What is she doing here it is my turn now I watch you come from honeymoon about a month then you came back and continue sharing room with her it is not fair today is my turn because I also have my rights as the first wife.” Maama sat on Chief’ bed and he asked her to get up.

She ignored her as if she was thrash and continued massaging Chief’ back and he enjoying it;
“Massage more with your magical fingers they are soothing I love you Taaru you are my medicine.”  Chief remarked then turned to Maama;

“Are you not being selfish old woman for how long have we been married? For forty years it was only you, you gave birth to three blessed children graduates, my family, people all wanted me to marry wives my ancestors boost of thirty, forty up to hundred in the olden days how many children have you given me only three? I want more children now give chance to your daughter Taaru I want children with her please be sensible do you lack anything? Gold, silver, precious stones, clothes, shoes, bags you name it please go back to your room and give peace a chance.”

“But chief I cannot be a baby making machine I can have some not more than two but I know even if you marry more wives I am the queen of your heart I am not selfish.” She looked at Maama and mocked her she was devastated especially when Chief responded;

“Thank you Taaru I am happy you are not selfish as your Maama, my first wife.” The duo laughed hilariously.

“You are unfair and you know it but God is awake.” She left and the duo laughed hilariously.

“You are a rascal Taaru!” The duo continued their romance.
To be Cont.

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