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Saayii Tolof Part 477 EPISODE 33 ( Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


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Wedding Ceremony
It took place as declared there was extravaganza pomp and show plenty to eat and drink Buge and
Beew attended to please their father as they showered the bride their step mother with fresh upper case notes from the bank. The festivities lasted for days before the bridal party left for her matrimonial home driven in her car gift.

Love at First Sight
Taaw sighted Beew and became love at first sight the duo went on their shopping spree and Taaw shopped expensive designer items for her she became very happy and contented. She danced to music of her choice with her head phone on.

At Chief’ Castle
Chief was excited and very happy to welcome his second wife he loved and lust over her Taaru was excited as she enjoyed Chief’ undivided attention he called his auxiliary staff;

“This is Taaru ‘my heart’ your new Madam show her love, respect and be dutiful to her whenever she calls you run fast to be in my good books who ever disrespect or annoy her is axed, fired! Am I understood?”

In Unison
“Yes Sir!” They concurred.

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“Okay go back to your duty post.”

She gave a broad smile;
“Chief please don’t over pamper me I can do something for myself.”

“No domestic work stay bless and loved just satisfy me you are my soul and my heart I just want to sit beside and admire your beauty.”

She smiled and Chief laughed loudly,
“Kill me Taaru Kill me with your love.” The duo hugged and kissed loving themselves to the amusement of the maidens.

The other Love Birds
Taaw and Beew were also moving swiftly from the shopping moll they went out and Taaw informally stooped before Beew and proposed to her;
“Close your eyes, are your eyes close?”

“Yes they are close what is it?”

“Just keep it close.” He stooped before Beew and asked with love and devotion;
“Would you marry me?” As he placed the engagement ring upon her finger.
“Now open your eyes.”

She was ecstatic;
“What! Yes I’ll marry you Romeo! I love you with my heart and my soul.” The duo hugged and kissed themselves all over.
The duo bought ice cream and two pack lunch and Taaw drove Beew to her home fondling her with kisses all over.

Pa Tapy
He came to see Chief but was told he was out he turned and yelled at them;
“What are you doing making love here and in the open abomination!”

The Duo
They panicked and disentangled, then apologized and introduced themselves;

“I am Taaw Chief Almamy’s first son an Engineer.”

Pa Tapy
“Chief Almamy I know him our villages are adjacent to each other he is a nice man I know your ancestry they were warriors that is why your people elected your dad as their Chief.”

“Uncle it is not as you think we are just two youths madly in love and want to marry.” She showed him the engagement ring.

Pa Tapy
“You are in order two of a kind from two warrior clans you can marry and how I see you, you are madly in love with each other.”
He then sang praises to the two ancestries and how their valour and bravery made their people chose them as Chiefs; the young people were overwhelmed as Taaw dip into his pocket and gave Pa Tapy a new bundle of D100 which amounts to   D10, 000. 00;
“Waaw! All this money for me? You’ll never lack.” Then he danced and sang more praises to their noble ancestry.

Taaw Kawsu
“Isn’t he funny? He knows my people very well, that’s Africa for us.”

“He works with my father in his inner circle but he is a rascal and womanizer I know him very well he is also a big gossip with a running mouth.”
The duo parted with kisses as Kawsu drove away with excitement.
Beew got into her home;
“Thank God my father is not at home.”

Double Game
Pa Tapy
He met Buge enroute and expressed sadness;
“What is it Tapy you are worried and sad? Do you need some cash? Are you broke?”

Pa Tapy
“My guy it is more than broke it is about you concerning what I’ve seen and heard.”

“I am in suspense what did you hear and see Tapy? I am all ears.”

Pa Tapy
“I saw Sister Beew kissing and fondling with Kawsu your brother-in-law to be.”

“Well they both adults so what? I don’t interfere in her life she can take good care of herself.”

Pa Tapy
“Hear who is speaking customs and tradition forbids it two siblings cannot marry into same family even science frown at it because if there is heredity problem all offspring suffer. This is a sabotage Beew is poking her finger into your eyes. Do something about it quickly the enemy is using your sister to get at you. He has already proposed to her and she accepted Beew showed me the engagement ring. They mean business. Strike when the iron is hot.”
As he started to leave in anger Pa Tapy said;
“Anything for an old man giving you such a valuable information?”

“You are right thank you for watching my back.” He drew him a cheque of D10, 000. 00.
“Don’t mention my name I’ll always watch your back thank you and good luck.”
Buge drove home in rage Pa Tapy laughed hilariously and praised his ancestry;
“Am I not a genius with my game I have gain D20, 000. 00 at a stroke I’ll now stand afar and enjoy my ignition game.”
To be Cont.

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