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Saayii Tolof Part 466 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ Mean)


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He is one of the gang members of ‘General’ Abou he loves and is chasing after Ara Pa Bashiru’ daughter he left what he was doing followed her with sweet words;
“You are the sugar in my tea I want us to wrap up.” As he tried to kiss her Ara pushed him away;

“You are smelling ‘ganja’ and alcohol do you want to kill yourself? How can I love and marry you in this condition? What trade are you doing? Rumour has it that you are part of Abou’ gang disturbing and raiding the village? You have to prove to me that the rumours are false before I consider your proposal.” Ara remarked.

“They kin talk na so then tan but ano give a dam to what they say what I know is a love you and kin want marry you just say yes!” Ara pushed him away and hissed.

“I must get you na crook or straight!” he laughed hilariously.

Pa Tapy
He chided his son for smoking Indian Hem;
“Look at you advising me just some minutes ago what are you doing now? Smoking ganja!”

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“Dad you are mistaken everybody does it rich, poor, mighty and famous, it has some medicinal properties and should be legalize in USA many States have now legalize it our country should follow it, try it dad and see what am talking about.” He cajoled.

Pa Tapy
“Are you sure about that?”  Abou answered in the affirmative.

Pa Tapy took some ‘draws’ and started to cough vigorously Abou took it from him;
“Slowly dad you have not done bad more lessons tomorrow by the end of the week you would have mastered it’ smoking you a smart old man you’ll soon start to teach the other elders in Council. Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As his father start to leave Abou halted him;
“Not again dad stop chasing after widows and remarry mom died 10 years ago.”
He hissed frown at Abou and left.

Chief Sohorr
He discussed with his General Manager of his Cement Factory Nyohorr a fine gentleman as the workers call him he is nice and considerate and Chief’ dearest;
“Nyohorr how are the books? I understand our balance is very healthy and the profit margin huge.”

“Yes sir we did better than all those years and we have increase the profit margin and so is our social responsibility; there is an increase of the Education Package and it is now being gendered equal number of girls to boys; we have also raised the minimum wage for our workers and they are very happy and dutiful to work.”

He hugged and praised him all the more;
“The Board has also given you an award as the Best Manager of the Year with more fringe benefits. Congratulations!”
Nyohorr was very happy as he left the Chief’ Casstle.

At Maama Goom’ House

She was doing laundry when her cousin Yaatu visited them he came in his transport full of foodstuffs for his aunt and cousins. She went inside the house and called her mom;
“Maama! Maama! Yaatu has come to pay us a visit come out and greet him.”

Maama Goom
She came out hopping;
“Where is the visitor am here oh!” The duo exchanged greeting as Maama Goom enquired after everyone despite the insult and humiliation they receive from Chief.

He is shy and embarrass as he apologize for his father;
“I am very sorry aunt about how my dad treated you and your daughter it was unfair even ‘slaves’ treatment is better but don’t mind him my mom and my humble self have high regard for your family we are one blood he cannot erase that how much harder he tried.”

Maama Goom
“it is okay my son my hands are clean that of my dead husband and my children God’ time is the best and we will wait for that.”

He called the driver to offload the goodies Maama was flabbergasted.

Maama Goom
She shed emotional tears;
She exclaimed;
“Are you opening a shop for your aunt? All these goodies for me? It will last for one year.” She rushed and hugged him dearly;
“God will blessed you for me your dad embarrassed me and you embraced me God is great and that is life.” Yaatu started to leave but Maama Goom stopped him;
“No my son you brought me feeding for a year am going to feed you for a day you remember your favourite?”

“I do Ma ‘domoda jeann’ groundnut soup with fish and vegetables hot and peppery eaten with ‘findi’?”

Maama Goom
“Exactly you can also eat it with rice I’ll give you both and you can take one home.’

He took off his big boubou hung it on his transport door and ate to satisfaction Maama blessed the food and prayed for him.

Pa Tapy
He was going to somewhere but when he saw Yaatu’ transport he stood a little distance and spied upon everything; when he saw Yaatu eating Maama Goom’ food he became furious;
“This ‘witch’ she is charming the Chief’ son and winning him to her side but I’ll foil it if Yaatu empowers Goom then I can never get my aim of luring her onto my bed she is very wicked and stubborn how can I leave her remain untouched until she takes it to the grave? That is very cruel.” He swore.

Maama Goom
was overwhelmed
“My son sometimes we stay days without cooking food we live on soak gari with or without sugar these food stuff of all kinds will take us for a year now we will only hustle fish and meat thank you and God will refill your fountain of wealth amen!” They all chorused amen.

Before he left he drew her a check of D50, 000;
“Supplement your petty trade to enable you meat, fish and Doilu’ lunch.”
He drew another cheque for Doilu’ tuition and another D50 for Jeim’
“I understand he hustle for the fish money? Give this to him for small petty trading sometimes when the hustling get tough.” He boarded his transport for the city. They waved him goodbye and journey mercy.
To be Cont.

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