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Saayii Tolof Part 463 EPISODE 33 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Naek’ – Mean)


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Story Line
A hero ‘ Gelewaar’ father gave birth to two sons Gorr and Sohorr he was honoured by his people when he won two battles with invaders to free his homeland he was given a jewel crown which he buried because his two sons were born at the same time from two different mothers who was he to give the crown? A wise man asked him to bury it in the community shrine known to nobody but the Shrine Keeper then he left the two brothers to search for the crown when they grow up.
“Who so ever dig it out will be crown the chief of his people.” Pa Gelewaar told the Shrine Keeper who was a member of his clan.

Chief Sohorr
He was celebrating his 30 years as Chief of his community in grand style by holding a gala and invited guests far and wide at home and abroad to grace the occasion; there was pomp and show plenty to eat and drink;
“God has bless me with money, oil is found in my community and I am paid royalties, I have companies I provide jobs for my people, I have two sons one is Petro-chemical Engineer and the other a Physical Planner my daughter is a lawyer what else would I God but long life to enjoy my wealth in good health. Cheers!”
“Cheers!” People responded.

Gorr’ Family
He died 30 years back and left behind a widow Goom with a son Jeim and daughter Doilu they live in abject poverty and squalor despite his brother’ wealth and abundance they encounter problem feeding the family. Jeim has finished his university schooling as a Civil Engineer but because he has no connection he is still unemployed but he refused to stay idle as he went around the town finding odd jobs to help feed his family.
They came to the celebration uninvited just to eat and drink and also help themselves with the leftovers to take home to warm and eat.

Chief’ Speech
He thanked everyone for gracing his occasion;
“I hope you are all enjoying the party there is plenty to eat and drink do it to your satisfaction all delicacies are here. Now have fun and enjoy yourself, again welcome to my castle.”

The House helps
They all ate to their satisfaction a greedy girl over ate until she has to vomit;
“Aisha! How can you eat overfill? This is not good for your health the food is plenty just take it easy on yourself.” Fatima advised.

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She is a compassionate girl who have pity for the derived she gathered all the leftovers and package it for Ya Goom she took it as she ate the rest with her family who did not eat good food for a while.

He is Chief’ Chief Security his name is Lamin but they described him as wicked because he reports people to Chief and sometimes make people lose their job he is hated and feared he came and found Ya Goom with lot of leftover food and he scolded her;
“Where are you taking the leftover food for the dogs?”

Ya Goom
She shook as a leaf stammering;

“Did you steal it? Who invited you, not my boss? Stay here I’ll take you to Chief but meanwhile let me talk to the maids.”

“It was leftover food but if you need it for the dogs it is okay by us but let us go don’t alert the Chief on such a minor thing.”

“Don’t you know our relation with Chief he is our uncle if you go to him you’ll put yourself in trouble.”

“is that your bluff? We shall see wait for me to address the maids before I come to your case.” He went to the maids and threatened them;
“Who among you give food to these outlaws? Speak out before I make you lose your job!”
The maids trembled and stammered looking at each other:
“It is not me!”
“It is not me!”

“I’ll let you go this time around but next time you will be fired.”
“Okay!” The maids almost lost their breath.

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