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Saayii Tolof Part 462 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’ Mother-in-Law, Step-Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


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Paapa Taanor
“Thank you Maget for heeding my fatherly advice you are really my true blood I am not sure about your wicked, diabolical brother like mother like son.”

He cannot control himself and went into tantrums;
“I swear I’ll kill her!” He rush to hit Maget but Ken took a stand;
“Come near her I’ll kill you and go to jail for that you coward! Battering my pregnant wife you have crossed your line Burang you’ll pay the last butut you took from my assets I’ll not spare you!”

Maama Njemeh
She knelt down and stooped before her son and spilt out everything;
“I am not your biological mom my sister gave birth to you then died immediately after birth according to our custom I was wedded to Paapa to take care of you not miss my sister you are what my son Burang cannot be brilliant, hard-working and obedient Allah bless you and Burang cursed he cannot do anything to satisfaction and made me hate you all the more Paapa was all the more trapped he want to divorce me but cannot my wicked attitude drove away the family members who were just I allow the compromised members to visit us and I gave them crumbs to shut their mouth; I took you the Seers to kill you to no avail I poison your food but you stop eating from here I fear someday if I don’t stop I’ll kill my children in the process; I am very sorry son let us all go and bring back Lolly.”

He wept bitterly and yelled at his mom and kicked her away;
“Thank you Maama the puzzle is finally solved no! No! A mother cannot hate her son like you have hated me you did everything evil and diabolical to me since my childhood how I was deprived and you scared me with death if I should ever tell Paapa, when dad buys us goodies you give my siblings and leave me I was terrified with death not to tell anyone, whenever there was a dispute my siblings were always right it is the same hatred ‘Baanyel’ you transferred to my dear wife Lolly, ws it a crime for Paapa

to marry you to take care of his ‘baayor’? Your own sister’ son, I was told you were mom’ favourite when she came to marry my dad she brought you along therefore when she lost her dear life giving birth to life you were chosen and society argued you were best suited for it have wrong they have been!” Ken wept bitterly it was emotional tears just like a funeral.

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Mam Mbissine
Just in time after the expose Mam Mbissine alighted from a taxi weeping she exclaimed;
“Lolly is dying! My daughter is dying!”

The Family
“What are you saying? Where is Lolly? Where is my wife?” Ken yelled.

Mam Mbissine
“At the Main hospital she is dying she is in deep comma she needs blood!”

At the Hospital
All the two families stood around her as she helplessly lay down with drips fixed all over her body;
Ken wa in great pain and shame as he prayed fervently;
“Please Alllah let her live give me the chance to say am sorry my mother and siblings misled me I was a fool I am a change person!”

A Miracle
Lolly opened her eyes and asked;
“What am I doing here with all of you in tears, am I dead?”

Mam Mbissine
“ You were in coma and you were brought here in emergency.”

He rushed to call the Matron;
“Matron my wife has come out of coma.”

“Thank Allah for that she was waiting for you all to come let’ go.”
She was attended to and everything was in tact;
“Madam Ken you can go back home tomorrow Insha Allah your baby is okay as well as yourself, eat well do some light exercises and drink plenty of water it shall be well by God’ grace.”

At Mam Mbissine’
The family accompanied Lolly to her mom’ home and they begged to be forgiven;

“What are these people doing here at an adulteress’ home? Mom these people are wicked they did everything to kill me but Allah is with me all the time I cannot marry into a family that hate me with passion the only person I had among them was Ken whom I gave my life but what did he do? At our time of merriment to reward me for all my sacrifices he turned his back away from me with insults and curses dining with his enemies he called friends and blood he insulted and cursed me and his best pal without us he would have died forgotten those who were squandering his wealth were not bothered and want him dead and buried but all is fine I am a young woman I can marry again and I as for my son I’ll find a job and take care of him after all my mom brought my brother and myself alone when she lost our dead at an early age I’ll take care of my son he does not need a weakling as a father when he grew up and ask about him I’ll say he is dead. I don’t want to marry Ken again I did to spend my life with him for his money I don’t need it.”
She turned to Ken
“Please marry Hoyan I know her she would make a good daughter-in-law for Maama.” She wanted to go back into the house but Ken held her two feet and stooped at it;
“I don’t need any other woman you are the one I love and chose from the multitude and you did not shame me in this day and age I found you a ‘pure maiden’ if you leave me I’ll died please Lolly forgive my transgression.”

Maama Njemeh
She stooped before Mam Mbissine and begged for forgiveness;
“Please forgive me for all my transgression.” She wept bitterly.

Mam Mbissine
“Oh this is the almighty Njemeh begging the wretched pauper Mam Mbissine okay ‘Adina’ has taught you a lesson of life never look down on any human being you can be rich today and tomorrow you become poor you can be poor today and tomorrow you become rich. Get up I have forgiven you.” She got up emotionally charged and the duo hugged each other.

Burang and Maget did the same and were forgiven.

Yadi came in as Paapa was speaking;
“Now that everything has been said and done we are taking our wife home where she belongs.”

The Disappointment
“I am not going anywhere I am divorcing Ken I don’t want to marry again into that evil, diabolical family period!” it was a thunderbolt and everyone present was stunned; Ken as a ‘ndongo’ pretended to be dead he slumped t Lolly’ feet and refused to be woken;

Helter skelter people rushed everywhere to administer first aid to Ken Lolly was afraid as she was bluffing and acting difficult she changed tune;

“Okay Ken I’ll not ask for divorce I’ll follow you to our home please my sunshine don’t do this to our unborn child!”

He got up and sneezed;
“Thank you Sweet heart I am alive! Let us go home to where we belong!”

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