Saayii Tolof Part 457 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’ Mother-in-Law, Step-Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


Maama Njemeh
As she was gossiping about Lolly with her children there was a bang on the metallic gate which got her irritated then she yelled at the gate man;
“who is breaking my gate open it quick!”

“Yes ma!” He opened and the car was driven in Maama and Maget got up alerted who comes in?

The Bombshell
Lolly and Joe came out the supposedly ‘dead man’ was behind them Maama Njemeh collapsed when she saw Ken Lolly watched keenly Paapa and Maget stood speechless Ken rushed to offer first aid as he called upon everyone present to give assistance. Ken asked for water and he soaked her wet then she woke up.

She rushed to tell Burang and his girlfriend she found them enjoying themselves she stood shaking which alerted Burang and he asked;

“what’ happening Maget why are you shaking has someone died or any other bad news?”

She gave them the shocking news of the century;
“Ken is alive and kicking and has come home there is fire on the mountain what are we going to do?”

She yelled at her;
“that is impossible Ken is dead!”

“Are you joking or trying to pull our legs? There are serious implications if it is true.” Burang is very worried.

Maama Njemeh
She has woken up with hesitation she timidly spoke to Ken caressing his body she shed ‘tears’ as Ken consoled her.

He is extremely happy;
“We were all fooled to believe you are dead but your noble wife never think so she was always certain whenever they pronounce you dead she strongly refuted it that you are alive and asked them ‘where is his body?’”

At Mam Mbissine’
Lolly went to her mother and explained what has happened;
“Didn’t I tell you my husband is not dead but alive but the feeble hearted did not believe me.’ She looked at Yadi.

‘Our In-Laws are very wicked they want the marriage to fail that’ why Lolly has to be very careful.”

Mam Mbissine
“it is now that you see it? Stop blaming your sister and let us give her support as a family this diabolical family are pestering Ken and his wife.”

“Maama Njemeh fainted when she saw Ken she was ashamed as she was the chief evil whisperer of his demise. Mam these evil people are in deep trouble.”

Mam Mbissine
“Have you tell Ken the good news?”

She laughed heartily;
“Mam don’t hurry pass  makest he is my husband I’ll tell him at the appropriate time.”

Mam Mbissine
“Just make it fast the evil people will try to distort for cover up but who God bless no person can curse.”

The Court Process
The Conspirators framed Ken up why? According to their confession they did the same business but his thrives better than theirs as a result they took him to many ‘Seers’ to halt his progress but to no avail then they resort to this last action to frame him up.

“We framed Ken up when all our conspiracy failed but this happening showed that Allah is with Ken and we have failed he did not do any evil thing it was all lies he did not kidnapped or murdered any one.”

“You are 10 conspirators all of you are locked for 20 years without parole you are to pay D10 million for damages to Ken and D1 million to the State, this is my judgment.”

“The Law Enforcement Officers involved some were jailed and dismissed while others who commit minor offences were demoted and suspended without pay as a lesson for others not to emulate. Those who were witnesses absolved themselves and were given promotion.

Family Meeting
Paapa Taa
He exposed Burang as a protagonist in stealing Ken’ properties;
“Burang stole and sold your properties now the ranch is empty of animals and two of your posh cars already gone; a lot of ugly things went through the bridge my son we have to discuss as a family and see what we can do.”

He became emotional cursed and insulted Burang;
“What sort of brother are you when the Conspirators consulted you instead of being critical who easily fell into their trap and started to illegally dispose of my wealth all of you hated me with passion but are eager to loot my wealth but I’ll not leave it Paapa Burang has to account of everything he stole from me or I’ll charge him to court period!”

Maama Njemeh
“The donkey kicks it’ kid but does not hate it I gave birth to you as my first son how can I hate you? You cannot charge your sibling to court if he is jailed the whole family suffers and how would you feel? I’ die of shame please let us discuss it and amicably solve it as a family in doors Burang has some properties in the form of assets it can be sold and he paid back what he has squandered are you amenable to that?”

“I am amenable but I have to see the papers of those assets which I can involve myself in their disposal to gain back my money.”

“Brother I am very sorry but there were some vital reasons why I did what I’ve done your wife Lolly was engaged into prostitution and planned to sell all your properties she is pregnant with Joe your best pal’ child she wanted to elope with him get married when she put to bed so that she would deprive us of your properties thinking that you are dead and we hated her with passion.”
To be Cont.