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Saayii Tolof Part 456 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’ Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’, Step-Son


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Anonymous Call
 Someone called Joe and told him Ken sent him to meet him at a secret location;
“Ken asked me to call you and give you this information let us meet at a secret location of your choice.”

 “What! Where is he? Are you serious? His wife Lolly was never convinced that Ken was dead she always asked the question ‘if he is dead then where is his body?’”
He rang Lolly and told her he has an important message for her she came running because of anxiety.

She came running;
“Jo-Jo I am very anxious why the urgency in your call?”

 “I received an anonymous call confirming Ken sent him to us to say he is alive and kicking and it was a conspiracy and Burang his brother knows about it and played along for his selfish interest.”

 “What! Did I not tell you on instinct that I know Ken is not dead my God has triumph over evil.”
She stooped and prayed ‘two rakas’ to praise Allah for being merciful;
“When are we to meet him?”

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   “Immediately if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind let’ go.”

Meeting Mamadi
    He told them Ken was falsely accused and detained in the same cell as himself;
“I was falsely accused and detained for 10 months and I joined the same cell with Ken who told me his story that his bus was involved in an accident where all people died but he narrowly escaped but sustained some serious injuries instead of being taken to the hospital his business rivals with the collaboration of some compromised officers detained him incommunicado.”

“So my husband is still alive so why didn’t he made the effort as now and informed us?”

   “Comprised officers were bribed and he was kept in solitary confinement so he would be charged to court very soon please get him a good lawyer to do therest for his freedom.”

   “What is the charge?”

    “He is charged with ‘Armed Robbery’ and ‘kidnapping’.”

   “What! That is not true that is a ‘Conspiracy’.

“Of course that is a ‘Conspiracy’ Ken is my childhood friend he cannot hurt a fly.”

 “My advice is get him a good lawyer I was freed yesterday and he has me to convey his message to you.”

At Mam Mbissine’ Home
Lolly told her mother and Yadicone who was present that Ken is alive;
“Didn’t I tell you that my husband is not dead he is alive? Allah has absolved me and shamed my enemy.”

Mam Mbissine
   She praised Allah and danced and whirled around;
“Allah has not forsaken me my son-in-law is aliv and kicking the enemy has been put to shame.”

    “Lolly’ in-laws are wicked and mean not Godly at all!”

Mam Mbissine
   She hissed
“Are you realizing it now feeble hearted weakling? You have crucified your sister many times here. Allah has shame the devil. Learn from this experience always have faith in Allah when you are on the right path. Allah started our war with the unjust and would surely finish it Insha Allah! Tell him as soon he is release about the pregnancy.”

“Surely but after he is relax I’ll tell him at the appropriate time.”

At The Commissioner’ Office
The duo took Lawyer George along the Commissioner apologized blaming bad seeds in the system who compromised human dignity, fair play and justice;
“Most of the ‘Conspirators’ are caught and in custody but some escape and are now fugitives we have alerted the borders they can run but cannot hide Ken will appear in court tomorrow.”

Lawyer George
“We do appreciate your efforts and will meet in court tomorrow the truth shall prevail I beg to leave.”

The Following Day
    Lolly met Ken as he came out of detention it was an emotional scene as all eyes focused on them as the duo shed emotional tears and tightly embraced each other for minutes after which he embraced his best pal and thanked him for all his support then lawyer George for coming to his aid.” He again hugged Joe;
“Thank you my best pal a friend in need is a friend indeed!”

   “You are welcomed and would have done the same if I were in your shoes!” He got into Joe’ transport and he ferried them home.

  Burang got into Lolly’ bedroom and searched everywhere for the property’ papers bur could not see it he became frustrated;
“This witch! Where did she keep the papers?”

Maama Njemeh
She came and enquired;
“Have you seen the papers? If we have them we will change it to our favour; where has this witch keep the papers?” She equally became frustrated as the duo searched vigorously.

“Lolly have to give me the papers or I’ll kill her!” He went into tantrums.

Maama Njemeh
“Take it easy my son don’t implicate yourself, Insha Allah we’ll do it slowly but surely.”

Paapa and Maama
    “Allah bring back my daughter she looks and is very concern about me I wish her a lot.”

   “Lolly will not come back to our home she is bad luck, wicked and mean how can she dragged my son to court over his elder brother’ property? I’ll not see her in this house!”

   She concurred:
“Lolly is wicked and mean how can she treat her brother-in-law as a common thief?”

“What is the difference between your brother and a common thief?”

   “Lolly is your daughter-in-law not your daughter also is Burang he is your son for Allah’ sake.”

   “I know you are my daughter and Burang my son then what’ next? What are you able to do for me? What Lolly and Ken do for me is unaccountable and I’ll not exchange them for anything. As for you Maget you are unmarried now and hope to marry in the near future how would you want to be treated by your mother-in-law? What comes around goes around mark my wise words for tomorrow!”

Maama Njemeh
    “We are talking of today not tomorrow don’t mind your dad let him not scare you.”
To be Cont.   

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