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Saayii Tolof Part 453 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’ Mother-in-Law, Step-Son ‘Dommi Jitle’)


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He went to Lolly’ room to enquire about her;
“How are you my girl it’ a while I’ve not seen you?”

“Alright thank you Paapa but I am fine.”

“Nothing will happen to you by Allah’ greatness you’ll give us a grandchild when your husband will come home and you serve him food.”

She is melancholy and sad she wanted to see her husband and now.

At M.B’ Shop
“Your Mother-in-Law is a savage and a barbarian you know what she did when I went to your home asking after you?”

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“I have no idea what has happen be quick about it I am dying of curiousity.”

Mam Butorr
“She poured dirty water unto me and soaked me up with filth and odour I wanted the floor to open and swallow me up!”

“What! Was she mad or what how can she do such an awful thing? I’ll fight her when I get home and bear the consequences.”

Mam Butorr
“No you should not do anything stupid I’ll fight my war at the right time but be very careful of her and her children they are diabolical and if given the chance can harm you.”

Maama and Maget took over Lolly’ shop she went there to collect her keys and was thrown out;

Maama Njemeh
“Do you think I was joking when I told you I’ll repossess my son’ shop? I bloody well mean it I changed all the locks and my recoded them now it is only me who can open it because you do not know the code numbers.”

She yelled and protested but to no avail;
“This is wrong it is not right it is my shop given to me by my husband aren’t you savages and barbarians? You’ll hear from my lawyer for illegally entering my shop and seizing it.”

The Duo
Maama Njemeh and Maget hurled curses and insults at Lolly, Ken and Lolly’ family. They teased and laughed at Lolly she left dejected.

At Lawyer George’ Office
Lolly came in and explained everything to the barrister who was furious.

Barrister George
“This is outrageous who are they to do such a barbaric act? They will get the shock of their life I’ll secure the Court Injunction against Burang and her mother for trespass and theft.”

The Court Order
The Sheriff served them the order and the police executed their eviction the order reads: Vacate the shop premises and stay away from all properties own by Ken.”

Maama Njemeh
She was shamed and disgraced Maama went back home and curled into her evil shell.

Paapa Taa
“Didn’t I advise you stay off from all properties own by Ken it is not yours stop mingling or else you’ll all go to jail.”

Her fever continued and Paapa gave her money to go to hospital she reluctantly left for the clinic.

Lolly’ checked her results and was shocked;
“But how is it possible I am very surprise 4 months pregnant?”

At Mam Mbissine’ Home
Lolly visited Her Mom

She was excited about the news and she whirled and danced around;
“Allah be praise I am going to be a granny! Allah has shamed the enemy who call you a barren woman.” She exclaimed.

She is scared and worried;
“But how am I going to convince them that Ken is responsible will they not see it as a prank?”

Mam Mbissine
“Ken is responsible there is nothing to convince anyone about be relaxed you should be happy that the enemies who call you barren are being shame by Allah let us celebrate.

At Mam Butorr’ Shop
From Mam her mother she visited M.B her best pal; she gave her the results she perused through it and got excited jumping around;

Mam Butorr
“You are pregnant? I am so happy for you now they’ll stop calling you a barren woman.”

“You are as happy as my mom that’ what she said; Mam Butorr I need some money can you borrow me some money to take care of myself until I get myself sorted out?”

Mam Butorr
“How much are you talking about? I’ve just brought new materials and is sort of liquid cash.”

“Give me anything you are comfortable with I’ll be grateful.”

Mam Butorr
She handed Lolly a cheque of D10, 000;
“Cash it and make it useful I am not loaning it to you it is a small token from me.”

“All this for me? Thank you very much it is very much appreciated I’ll use it for nutritious foodstuff.”

The Family
 Maama and her Kids
They grumbled about Lolly
“She is a witch who is she to place an injunction against us?”

Paapa Taa
“She is right and has very well done what a good wife should; why should she allow you to squander her husband’ properties with impunity before any action is done about them? I pity you losers!”

He went into tantrums;
“I am very tired of all this I am leaving this house for good!”

Paapa Taa
“The baby is kicking please leave and I’ll be very happy and will surely live in perfect peace.”

The Sheriff’ Messenger
He came with an official Court Injunction to bar Burang forever from acting on Ken’ properties.
To be Cont.





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