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Saayii Tolof Part 447 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – Hatred ‘Baanyel’, Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’, Son-in-Law ‘Dommi Jitle’)


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She went straight to Jo-Jo and reported everything to him;
“We went to the accident scene but saw nothing of familiarity your friend is alive my husband is not dead it is a conspiracy and if you see how the criminal of a brother was hurrying me up he in fact literally dragged me into the car and drove away he is covering something there is something he does not want me to know but we shall find out.
I shall not be part of any funeral arrangement until I see his body.”

“Lolly these people are hiding something from you I am very sure of that now. All the same we will visit all available mortuaries to satisfy our curiousity.”

“Thank you very much Jo-Jo you are indeed a true friend!”

“You are welcome Lolly Ken would have done the same for me if I were in such a predicament.”

He went to the ranch and sold the rest of the animals the keeper became uncomfortable;
“I cannot understand you Mr. Burang! How can you sell all your brother’ animals what about if he is not dead?”

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He went into tantrums and almost hit the Keeper;
“Who are you to tell me what to do about my brother’ wealth you wretch? Ken is dead I need the money for his funeral he has no child only one wife who will be sent back to her mother.”

He is very sad and just shook his head in pity.
The buyer he brought gave him a cheque and he left.

At Home
Lolly is examining her wedding pictures and sobbing bitterly;
“Where are you my Sweet Heart? When am I going to fix the puzzles?”

The courting
She remembered when they met at the street she spilt the beans bucket and everything tumble to the ground she became confused as she was wiping the sand seated upon the pavement Ken came in his car and stopped;
“Young girl! What are you doing seated upon the pavement quite worried?”

She looked up and saw this handsome man bent down to ask her politely she was surprised it does not happen in real life the duo were class apart she was obliged to explain;
“I am going to grind my mother’ ‘Akara’ accidently I hit the pavement and everything came tumbling down to the ground my mom will be disappointed in me what will I tell her?”

He opened his wallet and took out a D1000 note and gave it to her she got up embarrassed;
“No! This is too much, who are you?”

“I am Ken I live two blocks away from here who are you fair damsel?”

“I am Lolly I also live some few blocks away from here my mother Mam Mbissine sells ‘Akara’ here that’ what I was going to grind when the unfortunate accident happen.”

“Take the D1000 and buy everything again I gave it to you as a Good Samaritan.”

She took D500 and want to return the rest;
“I only need D500 for everything the change can be used to help another needy person thank you very much for your deep concern may Allah bless you and your family.”

“It is your luck take it and buy some food stuff I am fine.” Ken was impressed.

“Are you sure?” Ken nodded yes;
“I am very sure.” Ken is amused and smiled.
“Thank you.”
Ken got into his car and left. Lolly stood watched Ken’ car until he drove out of sight.
“There is still goodwill and kindness in this world.” Ken made a strong impression in Lolly’ mind.

Teaching Her How to Drive
She remembered when he was teaching her how to drive;
He was kind, caring and tender;
“Look straight and have confidence and trust in yourself you are a great woman you can drive now drive Lolly sweet heart you can do it!”

“He encouraged me at every step he empowers me in the process and make me have confidence in myself I learnt very quickly mastering the art of driving. When I mastered the art he was ecstatic;”
“You can do it and you have done it didn’t I tell you? Hi five!” He laughed loudly.”

At the Restaurant
    “We enjoyed a delicious meal together then as I was getting up I hit the table and screamed, ai! He came running to give me first aid and then called for help. He was so caring and loving he was romantic the dream of every young lady.” Lolly wept bitterly.

“My husband is alive am sure he is not dead he cannot die Allah is great!”

He invited Lolly to his office;
“I’ve past by the ranch and I wept all the animals are gone there is no evidence of Ken’ death why are they squandering his wealth like that? We have to restrict them before they do more harm, Burang is disgusting.”

At Home
Lolly went into tantrums especially when she found out that Burang has bought another posh car for himself and Maama and Maget were celebrating it while Maget took pictures.
Lolly called aloud Paapa Taanor;
“Paapa come and see the thief he and his fellow conspirators are enjoying and celebrating their loot where has he got the money to buy this expensive car? I passed by the ranch and all the animals are gone ask him dad where did he get the money?”

“it is not your business who are you to question me about how I got my money?”

“Where did you get the money to buy such an expensive car? If it is Ken’ properties you cannot do it without Lolly’ consent? If it is stolen money you can be jailed for theft.”

“Who will take me to court for spending my brother’ money a barren woman as a wife ha! Ha! Ha!”
The trio celebrate and congratulate each other.
To Be Cont.

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