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Saayii Tolof Part 442 EPISODE 32 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baanyel’ Hatred, Mother-in-Law ‘Gorro’ Step Child – ‘Dommi Jetle’)


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Maama Njemeh
She decided to pay a visit to Lolly’ mother Mam Mbissine and met her seated with her son Yadicone without greetings she pounced at them;
“Warn your daughter to stay away from my son Kenbugul he is not her class ‘Darem ak Darem’ Equals with Equals if not something disastrous will happen to her.” She warned.

Mam Mbissine
“What has my daughter do again just to be in love with your son? Hold your son if you can but as for me I cannot do anything about two people who love themselves don’t put asunder what Allah has put together.”
Yaa Njemeh left in a rage.

Mam Mbissine
She turned to Yadicone;
“What’s wrong with her? What can I do about two people in love if not to encourage them?”

  “I fore see trouble coming it will not work they come from two different classes.”

Mam Mbissine
    “Where is your faith? Believe in yourself all men are born equal if any person show you class wait for him/her at Mam Adama and Awa.” Yadicone left very down.
“This marriage will not work I said it.”
Mam Mbissine hissed and went into her house.

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At Ken’ House
    “Settle Burang and Maget but also you cannot marry that pauper Lolly marry someone of your class.”

Pa Taanor
    “True love is real let Ken be it is Lolly he chose and Lolly it will be by God’ power.”

   “I kept on asking this question over and over again Maama am I your true born son? The hatred is very deep no mother can treat a blood son like you are doing to me and for the records let me make it very clear to you I’ll marry Lolly by Allah’ wish.”

Paapa Taanor
“I’ll support you my son don’t you worry.”

  He entered the compound with Lolly and Maama met them at the door entrance she refused to answer Lolly’ greetings but said to her;
“My son can play with you but will never marry you bet with me I am her blood mother just dare me!”

“I am only respecting you mom but get it straight into your skull Lolly is my choice and it is only her I’ll marry God willing.”

Maama became hysterical and went into tantrums;
“So you want to beat me up because of this thing, a gold digger?” She derogatorily point at Lolly then hissed.

Ken got into his transport with Lolly as security opened the gate and he drove out.

Lolly was sad then she said;
“I told you Ken it is not going to work your mom hate me and she does not hide it as well as your siblings they don’t like me, tell me how can I marry into such a family? In Africa you marry into a family not only the man.”

  He stop at a spot to enlighten her;
“True in Africa you marry into the family not only the man but if you are in true love and the family is selfish about it or are in a conspiracy you have to stay by your man and be very firm about it be nice to the family but don’t compromise your dignity and pride these two elements are non-negotiable. I love you always remember that.” He pecked her and ask her to smile.

“Sweet Heart I am begging you can you do it for me?”

    “Speak out I’ll do it for you if it is right.”

“Your family is competing for your wealth please help Burang back to his business and Maget back to school  also help your mother replenish her ward robe will you do it for me?”

  He sat for a while thought hard then smiled;
“I’ll do it for you but my family is wicked I’ve done a lot for them but they never reciprocate especially that wicked mother of mind sometimes I wonder whether she gave birth to me.”

   “My mother taught me to always be positive in a relationship even if people I do good backstab me God is always with the just and the righteous be good to them always God will replenish your well.”

2 Years Later
Maama Njemah she is sick but her younger children are busy in their world and don’t take care about her Ken took her to the clinic and she was admitted Lolly took good care of her most of the time unless she goes back to prepare light meals for her the neighbours talk about Lolly’ positivity and how Maama’ kids neglected her. She stayed at the clinic for a fortnight then discharged Ken and Lolly went to collect her.
Enroute to collect her Ken commented;
“You see my siblings they neglected our mother and left her for us but I have to inform them if not if anything happens they will blame me for killing our mom and blaming them for it and the funny thing is that our mom is totally silent about it and even make excuses for them our mom is funny.”

  “I now know your mom perfectly well let us use our positive energy and pull all of them up it will be very difficult but not impossible.”
Ken kissed and praised Lolly for her maturity.
To be Cont.

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