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Saayii Tolof Part 437 EPISODE 31 Difficult Marriages – Slaves ‘Jamm’ ak Free Born ‘Gorr’


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At Ifang’ Village
   He met his father’ assistant and dialogued with him at first he reacted negatively but this did not deter him;
“Alh. Arfang! What is this conflict with Gorre Village all about? Can you explain its origin to me?”

Alh Arfang
  “The conflict started with our ancestors; these people were enslaved where they were they ran and came and settled near our village we became their hostess but they later grew wings when natural resources were found in their establishment they became too proud and started to look down at us we saw ourselves and drew lines that we would have nothing to do with them they invaded our land and also start to use our natural resources.”

“Uncle you call yourself Muslim, you have gone to Mecca twice you know the Quran by heart and you are here telling me you have nothing to do with your neighbours and that they are Slaves, are you kidding me this day and time in the 21st Century and 53 years of nationhood? Few leaders tell you such facts, please uncle be part of the solution and not part of the problem educate my father.”

Alh. Arfang
“My nephew all what you said is true I’ve learnt about it as a scholar but what can I do alone? Your father would never listen to me let’s leave the sleeping dog to lie.”

“Uncle we have to speak out to be part of the solution changes are blowing and no human being can stop it go and speak to your cousin and tell him the truth the way you know best.”

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At Ada’ Village
Hoyan is being isolated by the village female youth branded as a betrayer and a liar wherever she goes girls will stop talking and go away from her the social pressure of name and shame pressurize her to go to Isha and beg to have Peace with her;
“Sister I am dying slowly every girl in this village stopped talking to me and I’ve been marginalized and maligned please forgive me!” She stooped and shed emotional tears.

She reflected and her heart acted;
“Okay promise me one thing you’ll become a good girl and be part of the fold.”

“I promise to be good and be part of the fold.”

Ada with Nyima
“Now the ground is more fertile at least some elders are talking Peace and there is a Peace Camp your wish with your man will soon be fulfilled.”

“With who? I have left Ifang for good I am going back to the U.S and continued my studies he is not the only man in the world I can always marry another person there.”

She was taken aback
“But this is not you Ada the lioness you don’t give up that is not in your vocabulary and you cannot do it now.”

Ada’ parents are in disarray as Yaa Hojah blamed her husband;
“You cause it Ada is your carbon copy whatever she decides she stick to it like father like daughter if my daughter goes back to the U.S I’ll die and my blood will be upon your shoulders.”

She brought out Chief’ clothes that she has confiscated and return them to him without saying a word she is withdrawn and sad which worried her mom.

At Ifang Village

Alh Arfang
He came to see Chief Sambujang as his Deputy to preach Peace to him at first he proved very difficult after he knows his man he went around until he brought him around;
“It’s a changing world do you want to estrange and alienate your son? The youth are now seeing things differently from us let us accommodate them and give peace a chance afterwards are we not all children of God (Allah)? Think about it and come out positively.” He counselled.

At Ada’ Village
Chief came out with Yaa Hojah and returned Ada’ documents to her.
He apologized to her;
“My daughter I am very sorry.” He felt remorseful.

At Ifang Village
Chief Sambujang came to discuss with Ifang who surprised him;
“I’ve broken up with Ada I am going back to the U.S and I’ll marry another person Ada is not the only woman in the world.”

Chief Sam
He was excited that his son has broken up with Ada the only girl he hated in the world;
“Is that for real or are you trying to pull my leg?” Ifang nodded positive he lifted him up and danced in a whirl very excited.
“Then there is no problem you can go back to the States and marry from there no problem I am a healthy man and will not die so soon.”

Alh Arfang
He is very happy their trick has worked.

Meeting Point
The two chiefs met and started to quarrel again opening the old wounds calling each other names with insults and curses.

The Bombshell
Ifang and Ada
The duo alighted from a car and pointed guns at each other;
“We’ll end it all here like Romeo and Juliet of Roman Times and history will have it that our parents denied our love will go to Allah together and will be married in the Heavens what do you say to that? We kept ourselves for each other never to be touched by a man or woman, what do you say to our decision? We give you 5 mins to make Peace or loss us forever! Go to business we are counting!”

The Drama
The Chiefs rushed and hugged each other Yaa Hojah accompanied her husband also rushed to embrace the couple it became an emotional sight the two Chiefs make Peace and decided there and then giving a date to marry the duo.

The Wedding
it was a grand wedding and Peace was born at last what the ancestors failed to achieve with Love and perseverance the youngsters won at the end of the day and became husband and wife deeply in love with happiness they look forward for a successful marriage life.
All is well

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