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Saayii Tolof Part 429 EPISODE 31 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Slave’ ‘Jamm’ ak ‘Freeborn’ ‘Gorr’)


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Ada with Nyima
    “Why is your dad not allowing you to marry the man of your choice while he eagerly brought 5 men for you to choose from? What has your mother said about it?”

“My mother said nothing is she not a patriarchal gate keeper? She is protecting her marriage”

“Protect your own as you both love each other.”

Fa Burama
   He sat Essa and told him the genesis of the problem between Freedom ‘Gorre’ Village and Kerrgumak;
“It is a long story, our ancestors suffered in the hands of Kerrgumak they trekked to this spot we now called ‘Gorre’ Village but they still keep on molesting us fighting over our resources land, livestock, forest etc. whatever they can claim on they call it their own and they kept calling us names; look our town is more prosperous than theirs our land has oil and other minerals and our people are benefitting from it and they become jealous if they can they will also claim our lives as Slaves because of all these hostilities Chief and his Committee of Elders made a vow that our children would never marry from such a community and not even our dear children can make us renege such an undertaking. Our word is our bond do you understand that?”

He listened attentively to his dad then responded;
“I don’t care what you say Angersi is my life and I would marry her God willing.”

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Deputy Chief
“If you marry her it would not work just try it.”

“Any reason why it would not work, just give me a reason?”

At the Chief’ Residence
Ifang visited Ada as they were chatting Chief came out and stood at his balcony which opened to his sitting room Ifang greeted him but he refused to answer Ada encouraged him to ignore his father but he was uncomfortable then Chief went into his room and came out with a gun which it shoot into the air as a warning Ifang hugged Ada then ran for dear life she yelled at her dad and protested she confronted him.

Fa Burama
He sat his family and reaffirmed his vow;
“My family cannot stand being the odd family of the community I think you understand and will support my decision very unpopular with my son my hands are bound.”

“You are talking in parables what do you mean? Why should Essa not marry this beautiful, cute girl whose culinary skills you’ve praised?”

“I concurred with my husband what an elder sees sitting on a bench a child does not see standing at the tallest tree he has a reason he is yet to tell us.”

Fa Burama
“Angersigicol is from the forbidden village the daughter of Master Frumose Essa cannot marry her period!”

The Duo
“What!” Both mother and daughter exclaimed.

    “How do you know?”

Fa Burama
“I ask questions as it is always good to ask questions.”

    “I think God has a message for us please dad allow peace to reign in our family by allowing Essa follow his heart.”

Fa Burama
He yelled at his daughter and was about to throw his stick at her when his son came out and yelled at him;

“I am very sorry to disappoint all of you I’ll marry Angersigicol in the city and you’ll never see me again dead or alive!”

“Take it easy my brother it was a community decision and as it stands there is nothing we can do about it.”

Two Village Gossipers

“Essa has eloped with Angersigicol to the city what a shame to the puppet Elders our God has hit at them.”

“It serves them right they deny us being married by our spouses from Kerrgumak let us speak Peace so it becomes a win-win for all of us.”

Before going to the City
The lovers passed by to greet Maama and Nyima and found dad there he was furious;
“I have disown you now you are on your own don’t come to my compound.”

As an act of defiance he talked back to his father;
“The compound is inherited from your father and he is my grand-father I have every right to be here I’ve come to bid final good bye to my mother and sister that’s all.”

Fa Burama
He came out with a machete and ran after them Angersigi ran for dear life while Essa stood and talked back to him;

“I have respect for you that’ why I ran but all the same you’ll never see me again am gone.”

Fa Burama
“Blood is thicker than water you’ll come back as a prodigal son trust me.”

She yelled;
“Don’t drive my son away negotiate with him I’ll die if my son is away from me.”
Fa Burama refused to bulge an inch;
“over my dead body I don’t care how he feels no is no period!”
To be Cont.

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